Fake Designer Clothes in China

Above is a picture that I took of a woman’s purse on the train in Beijing. It is suppose to have two “G” symbols patterned all over the purse representing the name brand Gucci. But instead, it has two Os all over the purse, which probably represents “Oh hell no” lol. You will see that a lot in China, and nobody will seem to care. I don’t really care for name brands like that, especially ones with plaid patterns on them, but when I see something like this, I just have to laugh. At the end of the day it is a purse for her to carry her personal belongings, but how bad do you really want that item to where you are willing to wear the obvious fake version of it? 

In other countries, if you are caught wearing fake designer clothes, they can charge you with a hefty fine. Sometimes you have to learn to just be real and wear what you can afford what’s in your budget instead of pay for fake name brands to think that you are going to fit in. The fake designer clothing falls apart easily, hell, even the real ones fall apart easily. I’ve met people who have paid $500+ for Feragamo belts, and the belts fell apart on them. I am going to have to explain this in another blog post, but your clothes doesn’t get you the attention or the girl you want overseas in China. You are probably reading this and wondering what does, I will talk about that later. Whenever you go to a marketplace and you see something you like, it’s 100% fake and the fabric feels totally different. If you want to purchase the real name brand clothing in China, you are going to have to pay more then top dollar for it. They make the clothing in China, ship it to the U.S. or Europe, then they ship it back and charge China more. Some of these items are not made in China, they are made in Europe somewhere, and then they sell it to China. A lot of name brand items are not even sold in China at all, so the only way to receive that product is to maybe get it in Hong Kong or order it online. Why go through all that trouble though? Wearing something blatantly fake like, like the purse above, makes you like tacky and ridiculous, but you will see that all over China.