The Grass Isn’t Always Greener On The Other Side!!!

There’s nothing wrong with leaving your problems behind and going on vacation, there’s nothing wrong with moving to another country, but don’t always feel that the grass is greener on the other side based on a visit. Visiting a country is totally different then actually living in a country, and most of the time, people have a 6th sense when it comes to knowing if you are a visitor or not. They see it in your body language, it makes them feel happy that you are amazed to be in a place that they are use to and that they see everyday. They treat you extra special, for the most part, and that experience is embedded into your brain and you think you just have to move to that country not taking into consideration of how you are going to feel when you actually have to make a living over there. Nothing wrong with relocating and experiencing a new life and a feel for new energy, but make sure you deal with your problems and work on some of your “inner demons” before you relocate to another country. Because if you don’t, your issues will just magnify for you in that other country and you won’t come across as a normal human being and that will hurt your relationships with the people you have around you.

I will get into dealing with your inner demons before you move in another blog post but lets focus on the title. I have lived in several different countries, and when you live in a country, it feels much different then when you visited. It can discourage a man because a lot of men choose a country to live in based on the women, and when you finally move there and see that the women aren’t as cooperative as you thought they were when you visited, now you become upset about being there. Most of them will try to see the good in a bad situation and try to psych themselves into believing that what is happening is not actually happening and feed other people a lie. Like I said before, you visit a place and people can sense that you are traveling and just stopping by. They show love for the most part, but when you live there they might be rude or stuck up, I have experienced this personally, but I will not tell you where. Then there are people who think that just because they come from a place like America or Europe that everyone is just going to love them and want to be their friends and that they will just get all this attention and that is definitely not the case. A lot of times, when you are in Asian countries, a lot of the local people in that country only want to be your friend because they are getting some money out of the situation or they use you just to learn English. After they have learned enough English from you, you never hear from them. Ask anyone who has lived in Asia about that and I am sure you will hear a few of them bring that up. 

Not everyone from over there is like that, I am not lumping everyone into one category, but a lot of them are. You did not go to that country to be used and tossed to the curb like Friday morning garbage, you came there with an open mind hoping to make friends. Also, somethings that the people there do might not make any sense to you but it makes sense to them. If you decide that money is low and you want to work over there, business is probably handled differently then what you are use to. You might live in a place where people are money hungry and they are looking to get over on you all the time. I have been scammed several times, and I learned the game and there have been times where people tried to scam me and I prevented it from happening through experience. You can’t really get back what’s your if it was taken from you and you know who did it, you can’t really sue anybody to my knowledge. You have to take all that into consideration when you decide to live in another country, especially if it is somewhere in Asia. Especially in Japan!!! I swear a lot of males look at that place as if it is a dreamland for them and they are just going to live in a world of anime and everyone is going to love them. Japan is a great place to visit don’t get me wrong, but it is not like that. You have to set the bar low and learn to be surprised when you travel to different places. Fellas out there, if you are thinking of moving to Japan, know that is a place where people have regular lives and work just like anywhere else. Stop thinking that you are just going to walk down the street and a pokemon is just going to pop out and it is just wild cartoons running around everywhere, it is not like that lol. Matter fact, a lot of you guys out there that like to get your “freak on”, the people there don’t even want you touching their women in the Red Light District because they think you are just going to contaminate their women.

And remember, I mentioned in a previous blog post about foreigner on foreigner hate. You will meet some people that you might connect with but there is a lot of hate amongst foreigners in other countries and it’s sickening if you ask me. Something I cannot wrap my brain around. So if you meet good people overseas, make sure you hold on to them. You feel isolated in a country and someone that you thought had your back decided to steal your stuff or not speak to you over nothing. It’s crazy sometimes. Separate your fantasy from reality. Make sure you ask yourself and others a lot of questions before you decide to move. Know that, if you feel as if you are making a good decision by moving, don’t listen to the negativity. I am not saying that moving overseas will be worse for you then before, but just know that the grass is not always greener on the other side. I have met people overseas who had all their stuff with them and they moved there and they were excited to be there, but after a couple of months, they had a change of heart about the place and moved back to their home country saying they were done with that country. I can’t blame them because I have done the same thing. Do everything in 3s, as the minimum. Make sure you experience life there in that country on vacation 3 times before you decide to move there, minimum. Get a feel of the people, decide how are you going to make money, eat the food, experience life there, ride the bus, ride the train, look at apartments, and then make your decision after the 3rd go round. Make sure you put your emotions to the side and base your decision off logic and not the whole “I hate where I live and I just want to leave asap” mindset. Really think about what you want to do and what you want.


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