Travel Tips: Traveling by yourself vs Traveling with a friend!!!

This is a topic that I wanted to discuss because I would hear about different people’s experiences when they would travel with their friends and the type of friends that they would bring along them. It wasn’t like this subject came up in a conversation, it was just something I picked up as they told me their vacation. I think this title depends on your personality. Me personally, I like to travel by myself for the most part. Why is that? Well because I don’t have any patience, when I want to go and I don’t feel like walking or hiking anymore, I like to save it for another day or another trip. Some of the things that your traveling partner might be into you just might not be interested in or you don’t feel like doing what they want to do at that moment, and there is nothing wrong with that. My thing is, I don’t want to come off as an a**hole, so it’s best that sometimes I don’t travel with people too often. There are some countries where I probably don’t want to party in and the person with me might want to, do I tell that person no and have them stuck with me or going on a night out by themselves? Do I say no to someone that wants to go see a temple but I tell them I would rather ride a bike trail and cause friction? You have to factor in your character traits and see if they match the person’s personality that you are traveling with.

I was asking about my friend’s trip to Jamaica one time, and I believe she went with two other friends. They were staying at a resort and they just got tired of staying on the resort and not venturing out into the city, and that is totally understandable. “I didn’t go to Jamaica to see the resort, I went there to see Jamaica”, she said. She brought up the idea to walk around the city and experience the culture and see the people. One of her friends was down with that while the other one said no and that she wasn’t comfortable and she was not leaving the resort. So they left without her, but it was definitely something that she did not forget about the trip. Nothing wrong with being cautious and sensing danger and not doing whatever it is you don’t want to do, but have that discussion as to what you want to do with your friend before the trip so you can decide whether it is best to go by yourself or not. I would hate to go do something by myself knowing that my friend is with me then doing something by myself when I initially traveled to that country by myself. 

Another thing is, I don’t want to travel with somebody that might complain about everything. “It’s too hot, my feet hurt, why is everyone staring at me, I am not going in there there’s ants, it smells”. If you sound like that around me, I would seriously want to leave you behind. Don’t let a friendship wear away because you two might not be great travel buddies, know who you are rolling with. Also, how sexually active is your friend? THAT IS IMPORTANT!!! Ladies, you’re overseas traveling somewhere with your girlfriends, and one of your friends is always bringing back some aggressive bizarre looking psychopath and his friends making you and your other girlfriend very uncomfortable. That is an argument bound to happen, because to her she doesn’t see anything wrong with what she is doing. The fact that you are pulling a bunch of crazy looking strangers off the street and bringing them around you, in a country that you are not familiar with, can be dangerous. Fellas the same thing, you are hanging out with a friend in another country and he is always bringing back beastly looking women who probably is just doing it for the money. There is nothing wrong with mingling or getting intimate with someone in the country you are visiting, but have good judgement and respect the person you are traveling with.

On a more positive note, traveling with a friend can be a good thing. You might of traveled to a place that might not of been what you had expected it to be, but if a friend was there with you, you guys would of probably had a better time. You might need someone there to watch your back so you don’t get hurt, or as a witness just in case something goes down. In my previous posts I talked about some of the crooked things that can happen to you in Thailand, having a wingman there could help you in situations like those. Laughing and sharing moments and memories with someone you get a long with in another country is priceless, especially if that person so happens to be your significant other. Kicking back in a romantic setting by yourself is one of the loneliest feelings in the world, why not bring the person you love along with you? A good friend can make any situation a fun time, even in a place where no one speaks the same language as you. Not only that, your friend might have more knowledge about an area then you and could probably save you during a situation. Like for instance, in most places they have regular taxi cabs and people with their own personal cab service. If you decide to go with someone who is going to overcharge you for a ride to your hotel, and you do not know any better because you cannot distinguish the difference between a personal cab and the city cab, you’re friend might know better and step in and say “Hey do not go with them, they overcharge, the regular cab services are downstairs”. You might need a friend like that to help you get around. So soak in everything you read in this blog post and ask yourself if it is worth bringing someone along or not. In my opinion, it all depends on who it is. 


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