Japan Expo in Bangkok Thailand

I don’t like to date these posts, but I want to tell you about the Japan Expo in Thailand. This year in 2015, the Expo will be held on August 28th – 30th. I believe they aim for those dates every year because I went to the one last year and I honestly didn’t even know that there was an Expo going on. I have never been to one at that point, and honestly last year I was heading to Central Festival Mall and they were having the Expo outside of the mall and I decided to take a picture and then attend to the festival. Now forgive me for the quality of the picture above, I took that on an iPhone 4s last year, my Canon camera battery died so I decided to take the picture using my phone. The pictures below did not come from me, they are off the Expo website, but it was the same thing I saw. 

The Expo is pretty much introducing everything about Japan culture to Thailand. Japanese art, fashion shows, anime, food, clothes, music, you name it. It was cool to see a lot of people dressing up as their favorite anime character and designs that they created themselves that were not from an anime character but just them expressing themselves as an artist. 
11224273_493272687519766_4418361756624244680_nPeople from around the world are attracted to Japanese culture. On my Instagram page, I could literally post something up about Japan at 2am and the likes just comes storming in. It’s insane! Watching some of the live performances done by the singers and runway models made me mad that my Canon camera battery was dead. There were women who were Djing and singing at the same time, I thought that was cool because they had the crowd hyped up. There were girl and boy band groups that were singing and had their own choreographed dance moves that they were doing. When is the last time you’ve seen that?




Like I said before, my trip was suppose to be me going to the mall, but I said to myself “That could wait”. They were performing all types of different genres of music. You had pop groups, hip hop groups, rock groups, and some were performing to the more traditional style Japanese type of music. Definitely a sight to see. As far as the food, I was trying to stay away from seafood and meat, but the food did look and smelled good. The products they were selling had some cool designs on them, anime style designs. A lot of the people there were more familiar with the of the names of some of these anime characters that were on the merchandise they were selling, kind of like how popular Hello Kitty is in America but these were characters I have never seen before and they were selling like hot cakes.  Also, there were companies there from Japan that were trying to expand their brand and offer some of their services in Thailand as well. Corporations in Japan were there in Thailand talking with some of the other corporations in Bangkok trying to conduct business. 

Considering the amount of people there with professional cameras, and the television networks, and the Japanese artists that performed, it made you feel like you were apart of something big and fancy. They were broadcasting the whole thing on TV. People were running up to certain groups that I did not even know asking them for a picture. The paintings and the artwork that some of the people there had on display were amazing. 

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That is pretty much all I have to say about the Expo. I wish I would of made this post more elaborative, but that is all I could say. Don’t get me wrong, I had a good time at the Expo. Like I said earlier in the post, the thumbnail picture I took but the rest of the pics that you see in the blog itself are not mine, they are from the website. Check out the Expo on Youtube, they have some video footage from 2014 up there.

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