Why Do People Move Overseas….Better Environment!!!

Not everybody that decides to get up and move are weird, there are those who come from a background of poverty and hopelessness. I have met a couple people that were from cities who felt like there was nothing there for them. I met quite a few people from New York City, and they told me that the city is over crowded and not enough jobs to go around for everyone. Some of these people are living on their own for the first time in their lives since they left their own country. I can only speak for the Americans that I know overseas. Many of them that I know are teaching English, but they have multiple teaching gigs going on at once and they have saved quite a bit of money. There are some people that you will meet that are from high crime areas, and ever since they have moved, they don’t have to experience and witness the same level of violence that they used to see. There is no such thing as zero violence, but you get my drift.

Many people that move to another country appreciate the environment more so than someone else that might of not have came from a 3rd world country. Like for instance, I did not enjoy my time in China too much, but I have a friend from the Philippines who loves China. Her living conditions and lifestyle upgraded ever since she moved to China, mine did not but it was ok because I accepted the fact that I was in a 3rd world country. When you move, you will have to sacrifice a lot but sometimes you gain somethings as well. My friend from NY use to live in a hole in the wall apartment in a bad neighborhood with one of his relatives trying to get by day to day. Sharing an apartment can sometimes be frustrating seeing how you have a lack of privacy, and he was living in a hole in the wall at that. Now he is living in a really nice condo by himself in Tokyo Japan teaching English, the condo is small but it’s nice. He gained his independence, privacy, nice living space, but he is sacrificing his surroundings of like minded people, food, language, and etc.

Some people move because they just can’t find work in their hometown. They saved up enough money to fly to another country and, more then likely, teach English. Bills are high in America, and they are increasing. When I was in Thailand, month to month rent for a condo were going as cheap as $180 a month in the area I was in. A meal was only $1.50 a plate, and public transportation was cheap as well. To live comfortably in Thailand, all you need is around $600 a month, compared to the thousands people spend on bills every month back in America. If you make the money overseas, you are sure to live well. There is a stress free vibe when it comes to living abroad, and that depends on where you live. On your time off, you can explore the area and just see how people live and how they move through their day to day lives. It is a surreal experience and I think that is why people move overseas.

It is not all peaches & cream though, although you may feel that you are in a better environment, it maybe hard to set up a back up plan. I haven’t talked to too many people overseas that really had a retirement plan or enough money to stash away so that when they get older they can live off of that. Most teaching jobs overseas does not provide that, not saying that everyone overseas is teaching English. There are people overseas working with companies that do provide them benefits. I think a lot of people that move overseas do have that in the back of their minds, but they kind of forget about that when they are having such a good time where they are at, and when it is too late, it is a wrap.  I applaud the people that are out there making money over the internet, because you can be anywhere at any given time at any age and still make a decent living. Moving overseas isn’t always such a negative thing, just ask yourself “Is it going to change my environment for the better”? If it is a yes, then why not go for it.

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