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Hey everyone, I know it has been a minute since my last blog, I have just been getting everything geared up for my podcast. I like to type and express my feelings through literature, but I have to keep up with the times and come to terms with the fact that most people in America do not like to read anymore. Audio and video is the way to go. Anyways, when I start my podcast, I am going to touch on the experience that I had in Korea and why I am going back over there soon. I was only there for a couple days and the impact it had on me was something that is quite difficult for me to explain, but in a positive way. Now sure my 3 day visit there had it’s negatives, which I will discuss and not sugar coat about, but the positives were so good that I decided to pick up Korean as a second language.

Upon traveling to Korea, a good friend of mine (who is pushing 50) told me about his life in Seoul. He moved there back in 1989 and left in 2006. He spoke about that place so highly that I just had to go there to see it for myself. When I arrived, I noticed that the Korean writings on electronic billboards and public establishments looked kind of like it had an alphabet system, which later on I found out that the Korean language does have an alphabet system called Hangul. That right there increased my confidence in knowing I can learn the Korean language, but I did not know where to start. 

I downloaded an app and I literally learned the Hangul alphabets in a matter of hours, it was literally that easy. Now that I can recognize Hangul, the next step is to learn vocabulary, and that is when I started searching on Youtube for tips in learning the Korean language as fast as possible. 

So during my research, I came across that video above and it was one of the best explanations someone could break down to me about the Korean language that I saw on Youtube. I mean this guy had me sold to the point to where I watched more of his other videos on his page. In his videos he explains that through his method of learning Korean, you simply download the audio files to the 100 most common words used in Korea and you will be able to understand 53% of anyones conversation by playing them over and over again. He talks about the secrets to learning Korean and how memorizing verbs are important and don’t think about using pronouns in the Korean language. See when you watch a video like the one above where someone is saving you time and money and giving you secrets in learning a language, it allows you to build that trust with that person and you trust that whatever that person is selling will more then likely work for you. 

I am going to be honest, I have not tried the program yet, but I will download the audio files tomorrow night and give it a week and follow it up with an update. This blog was basically to put you guys up on this method of learning and watch the videos and see if this might be a good fit for you. The website to go to is watch the videos, purchase the audio files, and share your experience with the program and tell me if you find it helpful.