Using C-Trip in China

People are always recommending the best airline website to others for the best price in flights, but what about a website for the bullet trains in China? I did some research on Google on how to book a train ticket in China and some of the sites seemed a bit complicated. One site was made by a British man, I believe, and he gave out information on the duration of the trips and how much it would cost, but I could not find it anywhere on the site to just book a train ticket. I do not want to say the name of the site, but it wasn’t to the point and I am not sure if you could or if you could not book train tickets on that site. So I asked a friend of mine if he has ever rode the trains in China, and he said yes and introduced me to C-trip. C-trip you can book flights, train tickets, and make reservations for hotels and compare prices. The site is in English, easy to navigate, and I booked all my flights when I was over in Asia with C-trip. I am mainly blogging about this site for the train tickets that you can book for those who might think about wanting to go to China and want to know where they can book train tickets at. 

The site does have it’s flaws, well maybe just one, in my opinion. Whenever I book a flight, if you don’t have a credit card to book flights with then forget about it. Any debit card from America that will allow you to buy items online will work, but let’s say you get a Chinese bank account and it’s not a certain type of card, it may not work. And let’s say you are booking a flight and you are testing to see if C-trip will charge that card, it may take 24-48 hours to get a response. That is terrible! Most of the flights that I booked over in Asia were next day flights or the latest a week down the line. If I have to wait 24-48 hours just for them to tell me that my card is bad, then I need more time to figure out a way to get my flight booked, and that means I need to give money to someone I trust to book it for me or send money overseas to someone that can do it for me. Do your research before going to some of these countries to find out which bank can help you with what you are looking for, which is mainly getting a card that will allow you to book items online. So yes, that is the downside to C-trip, is just the waiting period. Other then that, I would not use them to book flights, I would only use them to book train tickets. Not only is the waiting period annoying, the customer service reps are even more annoying. They have different weird policies in place and certain questions that they have to ask you and you can barely understand what they are saying. Friendly but frustrating.