Always Bring An Outlet Adapter (Universal Plug)

Yes, this is very important whenever you are traveling to a foreign country, make sure you do your research on what type of outlets they have overseas because you won’t be able to charge your phone or other devices if you do not have a universal plug. The picture above is a picture of an outlet I took in Korea inside someone’s home. As you can see, I was not able to charge up my iPad using the regular western plug that Apple gives you, I had to go down to the market and buy an adapter. It does not cost that much, I do not remember how much it cost, but it is not enough to break your pockets. 

From my experience, China, Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan all have different outlets. So whenever you fly to either one of those countries, make sure you go down to the market to buy their adapters. tumblr_lecmncdFDH1qf6vgaI haven’t spent too much time in Japan, but I believe that is what their outlets look like above. Similar to the wester style, but no input for the ground prong. So if you have a Macbook Pro laptop and you need to charge, then you will need to connect it to an adapter. 


Have a look at the different outlets above, see how they are all different? There should be a station at the airport in the country you fly in for an adapter, for the most part, if not then, then search for it at a local market later on. These days your mobile device is a necessity, it comes in handy, so don’t risk letting it die whenever you go to another country. Best thing to do is to hop on eBay or, and purchase the appropriate adapter you need for that certain country. If you are country hopping, then buy all the adapters you need. They’re are actually cool to collect, because then you can show them off to your friends back home and let them know what they use over there.