Why Do People Move Overseas….Dealing With Your Inner Demons Part 1

                   Sorry for the long break, but I am back. I am back on track now and I am ready to blog and give you guys great content. I apologize for the wait, I know I had a momentum going and it’s been over two and a half weeks, I am in the process of creating a new website so I can draw in a bigger audience. I will continue blogging on this website while I finish up with the other website, and when the time comes to switch over, I will let you all know. Thank you for everyone who supports and who repost my blogs on social media. It means a lot. Now let’s jump into the topic.

                    In the last blog post, I simply talked about how the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Basically saying, don’t think because you don’t like your situation now that it is just going to be better for you in another country. In this blog post, I want to explain why do people move overseas and possibly doing some podcast shows really breaking down the types of people that do move overseas. I mean I really want to break down each different type of personalities you are going to run into over there, seriously! But for now I will just touch on a few things, and what I am about to say doesn’t reflect all the foreigners you might run into overseas I am only talking about a specific group of people, so please do not think that I am talking down on everyone who moves overseas. I can only speak from an American point of view and some of the people I have seen from America who moved overseas and what seems to be their reasoning along with the problems they have expressed to me. Out of all the people I have talked to overseas who told me why they moved there and have expressed to me their struggles through life, I have noticed that a lot of these people had somewhat sort of a lonely bad childhood growing up. The mother and father were either separated, they never had a father around, or the parents were together and one or both of the parents were abusive. I have talked with people who only grew up with their mothers but the mother treated them as if they were the black sheep. A lot of these guys have attention deprivation, nobody ever really gave them any real attention and they were outcasts. Everything that they did was considered wrong or lame, and when they tried to express themselves, people were there to pick on them and criticize them. It’s not only just family, people get tired of the struggles they go through with their everyday life at home and can’t really figure out how to become successful the way they would like. 

           Let me touch on the attention deprived type of people first. I have met foreigners overseas who always had to feel like they’re right, or always had to have that feeling of importancy when it came to dealing with other people because they never felt important to anyone they grew up around. A lot of people overseas have Youtube accounts where they make a bunch of videos kind of rambling on all day about their views on certain things, and their views makes them sound deranged. When you go in to kind of debate with these people, they always have a way to kind of make them sound right and deflect whatever it is that you are saying even when you come into the conversation with facts. You come in with facts and they might switch to another subject that they know that you don’t know just to make themselves feel right. Or, you come in with facts and they have some crazy convoluted rebuttal to back up what you said that you really can’t answer because their response came out of nowhere. The most asinine rebuttals come from some of these people. 

           I have met some people who had their own Youtube accounts and blog website and they would just lie and lie about everything about the country they live in just to get people to look at them as the “Source”. They know that if they say all these good things about the place they are living in that is not necessarily true, that those people that listen or watch their videos will most definitely keep in touch with them and ask them a bunch of question. So they pretty much do that just to not feel alone and to get people engaged into their lies that they tell. Some of them are half truths, but even a half truth can ruin someones experience in that country. Like you have some males who get on the internet and talk about how easy it is to pull the women in some of these countries and that just might not be the case in that particular country, but it might of been that way back in 1995 when that particular individual moved there. I think I have touched on that before, about how women just don’t run up to you like that just because you are an American anymore. Some of these people will do and say anything to draw in as much attention to themselves as possible because they never received any attention at all growing up. The people that grow up around them didn’t really accept the things that they did or their thought patterns, and sometimes it is not even how weird the individual is but more so how cold the parents might of treated them growing up. 

                    But to give you a good example as to how weird some of the people are that move overseas, take a good look at Jaden Smith and the way he tweets on Twitter. Now he does bring up some good interesting points but a lot of what he tweets is really out there. So much to the point that the people on Twitter has created a popular hashtag called #TweetlikeJadenSmith where people tweet out deep, far-out tweets that makes it seem like you are high on the new drug but kind of bring up an interesting point at the same time. People on social media kind of make fun of the way he dresses and some of the videos he puts out there of him talking. I remember one song he put out there called “Melancholy” that was just real peculiar and creepy and people on social media were really lighting him up with jokes about that song. The point I am trying to make is that, there are a lot of Jaden Smith’s out there living abroad. I honestly don’t have an issue with Jaden Smith, I liked some of the movies he was in, I think he is expressing himself in a way that is not considered popular. So when kids like him do the things that he does growing up and everyone makes fun of them for it, they get a lot of older and they look for away to escape to a place that is not really going to judge them for what they like to do. They get to their destination and they still feel lonely, but at the same time they want their voice to matter. Since right off the back they cannot express themselves by communicating with the locals, since they do not know the language off the back, they vocalize their thoughts on Social Media platforms such as Youtube. 

                   Although that person making Youtube videos may bring people together, it’s still may attract a lot of like minded people and trolls, and when your bring these people together in a messenger app chat room, a lot of conflict starts to occur. Most of these people do not come to terms with themselves and say that what is causing them to be the way they are stemmed from their childhood. Not to say that what they are doing is necessarily wrong, but they did not fit in growing up and that is why they moved to another country. Soon as they get on social media, their ways that made people not really want to be around them only escalates online. It’s so bad that as they get older, they do not change and mature and they become stuck in their ways. So at the point when they decided to move at 25, their behavior patterns at that age will still carry on to when they’re let’s say 50 years old. And this does not reflect everyone that moves over there by the way, I am only pointing out the majority of the people that you meet, NOT ALL!!! But some people growing up, they were one way and they just didn’t adapt to their environment and they said to themselves “Hey you know what, I don’t belong here. I am not of these kind of people out here, they don’t understand me and they are simple minded. If nobody get’s me I will leave America”, and they just go. Where they lash out and the trolling comes in, is when you remind them of the people they grew up around. When you call them out on how weird and crazy they sound, they become very angry because they feel that you are the exact reason why they left in the first place, and some of these people are or might be affiliated with hackers who feel the same. 

They know that some of the things they do or say might not be accepted by the average person back home in America or their country, so they move to a place where the people might not judge them for that. They might dress a certain way that might of gotten them picked on back home, but they can walk down the street freely in the new country they live in and feel comfortable, stuff like that. I am not against the whole thing of moving some place in order to feel free because people back home don’t understand you, I get that, but don’t go somewhere thinking that things are just going to be better for you. Some of those people move and then realize how life wasn’t so bad back where they are from. You can move some place and know the language fully and that doesn’t mean that people necessarily want to be friends with you, I hear that all the time. When I was in China I knew people who studied the Chinese language for years, and once they felt comfortable speaking the language and talking to others, they still ended up with no Chinese friends. So then you feel lonely and get on Social Media acting like you are a big boss player and life is grand when really you are lonely but at the same time you feel “safe”.

That is all I am going to get into about this topic for now. I will continue on about this subject in part 2 of my next blog.

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