Travel in comfortable shoes!!!

                    The picture above is a statue outside of the Greyhound Bus Station in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. The reason why I posted a picture up of something in Vancouver because I learned a valuable lesson about the topic in that city. Usually I travel in my bummy Air Max 90s that I bought in 2013. They weren’t that comfortable when I first bought them but I broke into the shoes and they became comfortable after wearing them a few times. One particular trip that I took, I have always made Vancouver my getaway spot, I wore a pair of brand new Nike Air Max Sneaker Boots. I had the sneakers sitting in my house for a while and decided to bring them out on one of my trips to Vancouver. By the time I got off the plane in Vancouver and started walking around the airport, I felt a bit of discomfort in my feet.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes doesn’t just cause pain in your feet, if offsets your whole body. Not only does your feet hurt, but your back really takes a tole, your hips, your thighs, your shoulders, your body just really breaks down and it messes up the whole trip if you do not have a second pair. Resting for a little while doesn’t help at all, the amount of excruciating pain I was in was unbearable. I still pushed through and took a lot of photos and videos, but the point is, don’t get rid of the old just to look fly in the new. I care to look presentable of course, but I like to travel light and I don’t want to have a bunch of “just in case” shoes with me. Choose a shoe to travel in and buy some new ones if you have to. I like to wear Jordans because Jordans are very comfortable, besides them being so expensive. I do a lot of walking on my trips because I want to be out there in nature and amongst the people so I could really soak in the energy of that city. Resting is important, but I don’t want to rest because my sneakers are uncomfortable. 

I recommended a friend to go to Hong Kong once and he was glad that I suggested him to go there. He went up to the top of this mountain to take pictures of the 10,000 Buddha Monastery that they have there. At the time, he did not know if they had a bus shuttle or not to get there, and he ended up having to walk all the way up this mountain. Now I don’t know what type of shoes he had on that day, but he did tell me that he did not have on the right shoes that he needed for that occasion. He made it clear that people need to know that when they travel somewhere, they need to have on the proper footwear because his feet were killing him. So that was a valuable lesson he learned that day, because like I said, a bad pair of shoes can offset your whole body. On that Vancouver trip, I could of taken way more photos then what I did, but I did not want to because I just wanted to go back to my hotel and take my shoes off and lie down. Find out which shoe best fits you. I would suggest that you bring a shoe that has a good arch in the shoe and is not flat, but to each his own. Best to test out the footwear that you want to bring by spending a day with them in your own city walking around and seeing how you feel at the end of the day. Don’t let something like a pair of sneakers ruin your vacation. That is the last thing you want to have to worry about.


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