Ask advice from people from your home country first!!!

I honestly did not know how to word the title in a catchy way, so that was the best I could come up with. What I am basically saying is, there’s nothing wrong with asking someone their experience they had in a country knowing that the person you are asking is not from your own country, but understand that person may view things differently then you based on their upbringing. Example, you might have an interest in moving to a country and you talk to someone online that is living in that particular country that you want to move or visit to, but that person might come from a very poor country and might not know what your idea of fun or a good standard of living might be. You might ask about the food there in that country and that person may tell you it’s great, then once you get there, the food might seem garbage to you. In that person’s country, the food might not be that sanitary and clean and fresh, but moving to that particular country might be an upgrade for him. This has happened to me before where I wanted to go to a country ( I am not going to say which one because I do not want to talk down on that particular country) and I asked a friend has he ever been there. He told me no but he had a friend he has known for years living there and he wanted to link us up together over the phone so he could go into further details about that particular place and give me his experience. I talked to him over the phone and he was just overselling the hell out of this place to me. Now mind you, this guy grew up poor in a certain part of Africa. Africa is not as poor and impoverished as the media makes it out to be, there are a lot of beautiful developed cities and countries in Africa. What they show on TV is just propaganda, if it was really so poor why is Africa supplying the world with resources?

Anyways, so he grew up poor in Africa, but he went to school and got his degree. So to him, this country that I am asking him about is kind of an upgrade financially for him and the standard of living as well and he has never been to America before so he does not know what I am use to. And let me tell you this, I do not look down on anybody and when I travel I am VERY VERY OPEN MINDED. If I go some place and it seems dirty, I am ok with that because I am not disrespectful and cold hearted to the point where I am going to talk down on another country like that. BUT…….he did tell me one thing over the phone and then when I got there it was something totally different. Now I did not mind the experience that I had when I got there, but it was not exactly what he described it to be. I would not label him a liar, it was just that comparing his life back in his home country in Africa versus how life was at that moment for him in that country that I came to visit, things seemed much better for him. When I called up my friend that introduced me to him and told him what he said versus what I was experiencing, he told me “Ya that was definitely not how he described it to me and he told me something different”. And I did not say anything negative towards him about that, but I should of tried to reach out to people from America that were living in that particular country so I could ask about their experience because we have something more in common.

When you ask someone from your home country about another country, you are basically saying “Hey we probably have the same taste in food, entertainment, fashion, similar backgrounds when it comes to our upbringing, we basically know each other even though we might be different. Knowing all that, what type of experience would someone like me have in this particular country?” Simple, and that can go for anyone as well. If you are from the Philippines, you might want to ask someone who is also Filipino and ask “Hey how do they treat people from the Philippines in this particular country?” I used that as an example because I have been to some countries where the locals treated the people from the Philippines very bad and it was sad to see that going on. I mean let’s be real, we do live in a day and age where everyone is not going to be treated equally wherever they go. So in my opinion, it is best to ask someone from your home country first about relocating or a vacation spot, but there is nothing wrong with asking whoever you want. 

Same two guys that I was talking about earlier went traveled together to a vacation spot once. The African guy that the food in that place was bomb while  my other friend thought the food there was pure garbage. Two totally different opinions. Of course if I were to ask the locals there how is the food they are going to tell me it is wonderful. If I ask someone from another country that is not from that country how is the food they might give me a 50/50 response, but if I ask someone from my home country how is the food in that particular part of the world, they might give me a better answer seeing that we might have similar taste buds and we know what type of food we like where we come from. Sometimes you just need to just get out there and explore and make that judgement for yourself if that place is a great vacation spot for you. Don’t let someone fill your head up with negative feedback from a place that just might give you the best experience ever. The internet is there as a guide for you, if you have done enough research to make a decision on your own to go there, then go for it. This is all just advice, I am just telling you what I have experienced. Because it’s not just about food for me, it’s the weather, outdoor activities, are people polite, is the air heavily polluted or not, how do they treat people from my race, what do they think of people from my country, stuff like that. I bring up all of those topics when I ask question. 

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