Traveling in the Winter vs Traveling in the Summer Part 2: Cold Climate!!!

When you travel, you want to have the best experience possible in the country you are visiting, and weather has a big part in that. In my last blog post, I talked about traveling to a country that has a warm climate all year round in the winter time in order to save money, now I am going to talk about traveling to a country that has a cold climate in the winter time. Above is a picture of a building I took in Seoul Korea in the Gangham district. I believe it was 15 degrees Fahrenheit ( -9 degrees Celsius) that day during that time I took the picture, so it was pretty cold. I honestly have to say that I had a great time in Korea and I am definitely going to go back there, but I would be lying if I said that the weather did not play a part in my experience.

When I travel somewhere, I like to be in a warm climate because I like to walk a lot, and whenever I look at something that gives me a certain feeling, I immediately take out my camera and snap a photo. I couldn’t do that in Korea, in cold weather like that my feet and hands become frozen easily and that is not a good feeling. There are some people who adapt well in cold weather and temperatures that low does not bother them at all, but I am not one of those people. The Gangnam District is a popular area in Seoul. Very fast paced, the energy is so alive and magnetic, and there was even a popular song named after that district which got close to 3 billion views combined on Youtube called PSY – Gangnam Style. I wanted to be outside and take videos and pictures, but I had to run back and forth inside because it was getting late and the temperature was dropping. I was in a Starbucks warming up, eating, waiting to get back outside to take more photos. Traveling like that sucks, I didn’t go to Korea to hangout in a Starbucks, I went there to eat the food and experience the culture. Now if you are hungry go eat, but I wasn’t really in Starbucks for the food because all I had was a cookie, it was just that my hands and feet were freezing. If I would of known back then that I wanted to create a website and talk about my travel experiences, I would of sucked it up and shot less videos and focused on taking more pictures, but I didn’t have that in mind back then. 

Same thing with the City Hall area in Seoul. I went to the museum, I went to go take pictures of the Temple, I was looking all around at the government buildings and the electronic billboards, and I was amazed but I had to run in and out to warm up. I wanted to be outside, eat outside, and actually look around my surroundings and soak in the moment and say “Wow, I am actually in another country overseas”, but I couldn’t. I have a friend that told me the same thing. He went to Osaka in Japan to visit some people that we know over there, and he spent a lot of time in his hotel room because not only was it cold but it was raining pretty bad. He didn’t prepare for that type of weather neither because he was on his way to Thailand. Other then that he still said that he liked the city, the people were friendly, and he liked the food and the culture as well. 

So if you do decide to travel to a country that has a cold climate in the winter time, pack some coats in your luggage and dress in layers. That doesn’t mean that you have to over pack, but just bring enough that will keep you warm. Also, know that by going to a country with a cold climate that you are obviously not going to be able to do all the outdoor activities that you would like. You cannot go swimming (unless it’s indoor), you cannot hit the beach etc. Matter fact, you can do whatever you want to do, but if you are crazy enough to do all of that in the winter then to each his own lol. Now I am not saying don’t travel in the winter, because you might like being outside in the cold weather, but I think I most definitely would of had a better time and a better review of Seoul Korea if I would of went there in the summer time. I had an amazing time by the way so I am not saying it was bad at all, but I would of been outside longer and seen more if it was warm outside. I did take some great photos and videos by the way because the weather brought out that natural cold feel to the picture, because obviously it was cold lol. So if you plan on traveling somewhere with a cold climate in the winter time because the ticket is going to be cheaper, just think about this blog and see if the winter time is the best time to travel to that particular place. Me personally, I don’t like spending most of my time indoors when I travel, I want to be outside as much as possible. Only time I want to be indoors is if I am at a restaurant, sleeping, at a museum, or if I need to buy something real quick…..other then that, I am outside the whole time enjoying the scenery. 

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