Traveling in the Winter VS. Traveling in the Summer Part1: Be Smart!!!

When it comes to picking that time of the year to travel, most people tend to choose the summertime. Nothing wrong with that, but why travel in the summertime to a location where it is hot all year around lol? Spending double the plane ticket to go to South America somewhere in the Summer when you could just travel in the winter and it is still hot and cheaper. Above is a photo I took of a Bruce Lee Statue when I was in Hong Kong along the walk of stars right by Victoria Harbor. I took that picture on October 5th, in most countries that are located in the northern regions, the weather is fairly cold around about that time. Judging by the way people are dressed in the picture, the temperature was warm that day, windy but warm. Why would I spend double the amount on a ticket, sometimes even triple, to a location that is hot all year round just to go there in the summertime? Go in November or December and take advantage of those low prices. I understand if you have absolutely no chance to take time off in the winter and the only time you can go is in the Summer, but if you do have time, you need to be smart. There have been some tickets I’ve seen to go overseas in the winter that were around $800 – $1,000, and to that same location in the summer I’ve seen them go up to as high as $1,700 – $2,000. That is extra money you can use on a better hotel, food, souvenirs, fun activities, you name it. What it all boils down to is do your research on the ticket pricing for different times of the year and what is the weather like at that location. I can tell you right now, I have been to Hong Kong 6 times all throughout the winter, and the temperature was never cold those times that I went. Same with Thailand, always hot, Singapore, you name it. Now if you want to go to Korea in the winter, then you are going to need a heavy coat because they have their seasons. I am going to talk about the experience of traveling to a country that has a winter season on my next blog post, but if you do not like to travel in the winter then you might want to consider traveling to a place like that in the summer. My advice to you is, do not travel to a country that is warm all year in the summertime, treat yourself and travel to a place like that to get away from the harsh winter wherever you live at. As I have said in my last blog posts, I recommend Hong Kong as a vacation spot for everyone, and it is hot all year round there. Look out for my next blog post where I will discuss the experience you might have when traveling to a country in the winter time that has a harsh winter climate. 


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