Travel Tips: Don’t be late for your flight!

Above is a picture of a statue I took in Hong Kong. If you are thinking about traveling somewhere and you really do not know where to go, go to Hong Kong, I guarantee that you will love that place. The title is self explanatory, but it is important that you are not late and you are early when you are getting on an international flight. I suggest that you show up 2 hours early for your flight, flight is at 10am you show up at 8am. You always want to be safe then sorry when it comes to flying on an international flight. I have been in a situation like that before where I was in Shenzhen China and I had a flight booked to go to Beijing but I showed up to the gate too late. I was literally like 30-45 minutes early before take off and it was a domestic flight. Now the cost of me rebooking another flight was only around $100, maybe even cheaper then that so I wasn’t too too angry, but it taught me a valuable lesson. Always show up 2 hours early, because let’s say that is a flight where you need to head back home overseas and you do not have that much money on you, now what are you going to do? You don’t want to end up stuck in a country with little to no money, especially if your visa is about to expire in that country. I know an airport can be an uncomfortable place to go to and stay for hours on end but if you want to make it to your destination, you need to consider getting there a bit early. Some of these international airports are massive, and you don’t want to show up to get your ticket and you haven’t figured out what lettered station you need to go to in order to process your bags and pick up your ticket. In the Beijing airport, that place is so wide, if you ran to station A and they told you to go to P, it feels like you are running the length of 3 football fields. I remember one time I was in the Shanghai airport, and I did not know that my luggage from the Beijing flight was not going to carry over to my flight going to Canada. So I am running around trying to figure out where luggage pick up was, I ran to the wrong one because they had 3 places to pick up luggage, I had to go through security through all 3 of them, I had to get checked in again. By the time I got on my plane I was sweating bullets, I had to use the plane restroom in order to clean up and put on deodorant again because I was running around stressed out that much that I was not going to make it on that plane. I know that didn’t have to do with me showing up on time or not, but I didn’t know how big that airport was. So if I would of just shown up kind of late to check in and get my ticket not knowing which gate I would of had to go to, I would of definitely missed that flight and I would of had to pay for another ticket, and the price of it would be expensive if you want to leave that day. They always tell you that you will just have to pay the difference as if it is not going to be that much, but trust me it is. I have known several people that this has happened to,  don’t let this happen to you.

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