Sex, Dating, & Relationships in Thailand Part 7: Straightforward Game!!!

I would like to thank everybody who has shared my blog posts on Facebook and Twitter, I greatly appreciate it. I would like to thank all of the new subscribers, the tears of joy that drip down on to my laptop keyboard means a lot lol. Let’s jump right into the topic. Straightforward Game, what does that mean? Some people might or might not be hip to all the dating lingo, there are some people over in 3rd world countries who have subscribed to my blog so let me break it down. Game pretty much means your mating techniques you use to pick up women. In this case we are talking about having a direct approach rather then the typical indirect approach that normal law abiding citizens that are not under the influence of alcohol or some sort of narcotic use. Like for instance, you are in Barnes & Nobles (bookstore) and you see a cute girl looking at a fitness magazine, you might make a comment about the magazine or compliment her on what she is wearing just to spark up a conversation in hopes to see her again. She likes you, you guys exchange numbers, talk on the phone, go on dates, soon you are having sex, then into a relationship, etc. You can’t just walk up to a woman and ask for sex, even though deep down inside most men would like to do that, we don’t live in such a perfect world where things work out that way. And besides, it’s kind of rude and weird to do that anyways, so you put your best foot forward and try to bedazzle the woman you are interested in with your witty jokes and charm and HONESTLY get to know each other in hopes to see what may later happen down the road. But in Thailand it is a little different.

Now first off, I hope I am not offending any of the women that are reading this post, I am not putting you out there as sexual objects. The reason why I am touching on this subject, is because in Thailand, most of the people there do not speak good English. If you are interested in someone, as far as finding them attractive, if there is something on your mind that you would like you will have to say it straight up. This doesn’t just apply to Thailand, this is something that you need to know wherever you travel to and not just dating but business as well. In Western Countries and Europe, we use codewords like “Netflix and chilling”. Now most women know that when a guy says “Hey come over and let’s watch Netflix” that at some point he is probably going to try to make a move to get in her pants. In Thailand, you can’t use little codewords like that, you have to be direct. They don’t understand your lingo, and you can’t really have an indirect approach about certain things when it comes to dating. If it is sex you want, you will have to straight up ask. If it is a relationship you want, you will have to straight up ask like you are in Elementary School. You can’t say, “so what, are we going together?”, more then likely she doesn’t know what that means. You will literally have to ask “I like you, do you like me? Do you want to be my girlfriend?” type of questions. When I was walking around Nana Plaza, those women did not know that much English and they made it known in a direct approach what they wanted. Like I said in my last blog post, women came up to me asking me “Can I please suck your c*ck?” verbatim. 

So that is definitely something to think about when you are over there, because I am just not writing this for people like me who do not spend money on hookers, I am writing this for everybody. Because when you do that whole indirect type of talk out there, you are going to get a lot of “Huh, what does that mean, I no understand” type of response, and then you will have to tell her straight up what is it you are trying to say anyways. The art of learning a new language is learning the keywords first and then learning how to formulate a sentence comes after. So even though you say something that is straightforward, because she might not get or understand your indirect game, doesn’t mean she might fully understand what you are saying. Keywords like hug, kiss, sex they will understand. I have been in situations like this many times, and sometimes they thought I was a little bit of a pervert because they were not ready to do any of that at the moment, but it was the only way to get that point across because they didn’t understand what I meant when I said it in an indirect way. The women who mainly, like i said in the last sentence, said that I was moving too fast or kind of a perv, were women in China, I didn’t hear too many of that in Thailand unless I was getting rejected at the club lol. 

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