Sex, Dating, & Relationships in Thailand Part 6: Dating a woman with kids

Going to jump right into the subject real quick. I am typing really fast right now because I have somewhere to go in the next 20 minutes. There are women in Thailand who have children with Thai men, and either they come to the agreement or it is the woman’s decision to either work on the streets or get with a foreigner to bring in more money because the Thai man is not able to support the both of them. I mentioned to you in a previous post how my friend was flashing a little bit too much money and the woman he was with tried to have him set up by a guy she had on the side. This is something you will have to ask but at the same time trust your gut feeling if you feel like something isn’t quite right. Like if something is telling you that she has kids or another guy on the side, and she might be telling you one thing but you are believing something else, more then likely your gut feeling is right. A buddy of mine was seeing this young lady in Bangkok, very sexy, tall and slim, the type of woman that was exactly his type he said. He noticed she had somewhat of a pudgy stomach and asked her if she was pregnant, and she kept telling him no that it was probably from drinking. Well come to find out when he went back to America and looked at her Facebook page, long behold she was pregnant and she had her baby. What messed him up mentally was that while he was hanging out with her, she was drinking a lot of alcohol. He asked her why didn’t she just tell him the truth and why was she drinking, her response was “I didn’t want the baby, I wanted to kill the baby”. Now if you are around a woman who could do something so cruel like that to her own child, just imagine what she could have done to you. Be smart and think with your brain when you are going out there.

That same guy was in Pattaya, and he met up with this young lady, she was real cute and sexy. He was hanging out with her pretty much the majority of the time when he was in Pattaya on this one particular trip, because he has been over to Thailand many times, but she kept bringing this guy around. He asked her who is he, and she kept saying that was her brother. Now the guy looked real young, around 18, but he kept giving my friend this side eye look and it made him feel a little unease. He had a suspicion that the young man was not her brother and he thought that was her boyfriend. He kept telling everyone in the chatroom on Line Messenger, which you all should be adding me to my screen name is : splashwave210, he kept saying that he thinks that his her boyfriend. When his time in Thailand finally came to an end, she went with him to the airport and said her goodbyes, and when he got on the plane she immediately deleted him from all her Social Media accounts. He later on found out that the guy she brought a long was indeed her boyfriend, just around for God knows what. Probably could of been robbed, or monitoring them to see if my friend was going to give her some money, who knows. You guys out there have to be careful. Even though she did not have kids, it’s just something that I thought I should mention. Now lets get back on track…

The average income for a citizen of Thailand is around $200 USD a month, and that could go either way. For the ones that make less then that, they have to find a hustle. Some of the men either have their child’s mother working as a hooker or dating a foreigner., and like I said before, she may or may not tell you. To be honest with my experience in Thailand, the name of the game is all about money at the end of the day, not all, but most. Most of the men that these women have kids by cannot provide so they get them to date foreigners to hopefully send back more money even if they don’t plan on staying in Thailand. Act very submissive, perform incredible sexual acts, act like that particular foreigner is the one they truly love, and once they go back to their country they send back money until they are able to visit again. Most of these women will stop everything going on around them to hop on the phone with their foreign so called “boyfriend” just to make him feel special so the funds don’t get possibly get cut off. I have heard many stories of men being in bed with women and they stop sex just to pick up the phone to their foreign boyfriend overseas. 

Like I have always said, do not get into a serious relationship out there, most of the guys that get caught up like that are the ones who have never been with a woman before or they are virgins and the women their can sense that from a mile away. You do not see all the signs that she might have someone on the side or a family that she is trying to provide for and you really think that she really wants to be with you like that. Not to say that she does not like you, but you have to be careful. If you are a person like myself that is not into paying for sex and hooking up with hookers, learn to read peoples body language when you are not frivolous with your money and trying to pay for the women’s time out there. Know that the possibility of you getting harmed or robbed is there. If you sense something that is not right then leave, there are plenty of women there. If you notice a woman with a pudgy stomach and she says she is not pregnant but she is slim built, then chances are she is pregnant. That is all that I can type right now, I have to go, check you later.


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