Sex, Dating, & Relationships in Thailand Part 5: The Red Light District

Above is a picture of the infamous NaNa Plaza in Bangkok Thailand, which I did not take that picture, but I still went there. I have never paid for sex in my life, but I still took a stroll down the strip just to see the action and it was quite interesting. I am not an expert on this field, I have never paid for sex, I do not know where all the “hoe strolls” are, so if that is something you might be interested in then you might want to google someone else. I have a couple friends who have been to Pattaya and they have told me how crazy it is out there. So if you are into that type of stuff and looking for a good location with a Red Light District, and I am not shaming anyone for liking that type of stuff, check out the city of Pattaya on Youtube and Google.

When I arrived in Bangkok, I booked a room at the Ambassador Hotel, and to be honest the pictures of the room look much better online then how they look in person. I was tired, jet lagged, and wanted to take a nap. I woke up a couple hours later, looked at the time, and thought it would be a good idea to take a walk around the area. At this time when I woke up, it was around about 1:00 – 1:30 am. Got ready, and in the back of my mind I remembered my friend back home talking about NaNa Plaza and told me to check it out. Now my friend is 21 years older then me and he admits to being a trick (a man that pays women for the exchange of sex or for them to pretend to like him). I laughed at his stories and how he talked about NaNa Plaza, so I wanted to check it out for myself. I looked on my phone and noticed that it wasn’t too far from where the hotel was, so I decided to walk and do some site seeing. As I was walking towards the location, I saw a bunch of hookers on the street, “massage parlors”, and men asking the women how much for sex on the street. It was wild, matter fact, it was so wild women were approaching me for sex aggressively. One woman in particular, standing in front of a “massage parlor”, noticed me and told me I looked sexy and how great my cologne smelled. She said “OMG you are an American aren’t you”, I said “yes”. She said “OMG please let me suck your c*ck”. I said “I am on my way to meet someone”, she said “no please please let me suck your c*ck I want to come with you,  I can make you happy, I’ll do anything to suck your c*ck”. She kept tugging on my shirt and I politely told her that I have to go and that I am meeting up with somebody. She was sexy hell, probably the best looking woman I ran into the whole time I was there in Thailand, but I am not about that hoe stroll life paying women for sex. What she said sounds great, but I am in a 3rd world country, even if I do use a condom, I still fear that I would of woken up the next day with my penis looking like a sweet potato. Plus, that’s just crazy for any random person to come up to you and say that, trust and believe I thought about taking her back because she was that fine lol, but I am not a trick. 

I kept walking and running into more women who were offering sex to me, not as aggressive as the first woman I ran into, and I just kept declining. When I finally arrived to Nana Plaza, I had to stop and take a moment and stare at the place for a couple minutes just to soak it all in. The plaza is in a U shape form and it is three levels with nothing but strip clubs. Damn Las Vegas, this was the real Sin City. I only paused for a couple minutes because I was imagining all the stories my friend told me about the times he had at Nana Plaza and the amount of fun he had. It made me laugh to finally be there and to think about some of the crazy activities he got himself into. I was then approached by a woman who worked for one of the strip clubs and tried to walk me to the club she worked at to try to get me to spend money there and I said no I am fine. I walked around the clubs to see how they looked, see how the women were looking, see the design of the clubs, and it was not that bad. As I was walking, several women approached me and asked me what hotel was I staying at and saying “I go home with you”, I said no thank you. The look on their faces when I said no was crazy, I don’t get off by rejecting someone, it was just that they had a real sad and depressing look on their face when I said no and I am sure they get told no all the time. They had another club and the women standing in the front were holding whips and the men that were inside the club were getting whipped on stage by the women that worked there. So if you are into that, then that might be the place for you lol. In the middle of the plaza are are a row of bars and girls that worked there that would talk to you while you were drinking and they would try to get you to go to the strip clubs. That’s pretty much all I know about that area and the red light district. There are also hotels in that area that have hookers hanging out in the lobby area waiting to talk to any guy that wants to take them upstairs and have sex. So if that is what you are looking for then it is not that hard to find it out there in that area.

I spent a lot of time in Chiang Mai and I did not see or even ask about if there even was a Red Light District out there. But if you are in Thailand, and you are the type of person to pay for sex from women, ask the Tuk Tuk drivers. bangkok_tuk_tukAbove is a picture of a Tuk Tuk, here is how I found out to ask them. One night I went to this area in Chiang Mai where they have a couple of bars right next to each other in one small area. The music wasn’t the type of music I wanted to hear all night, and the one bar that did play music that I liked was extra small. I tried to make the best of my night and ended up talking and hanging out with a couple foreigners there. It was 3 am and it was time that I felt that I needed to head back to my condo, so I asked a Tuk Tuk driver to take me home. He pulled out a laminated menu full of girls and showed it to me and asked me if they looked good, I said “yea they look good but…”. Before I could even finish he said “OK, I TAKE YOU THERE NOW”!!!, I said “nah man I am tired take me back to my condo”, he said “NO I TAKE YOU THERE NOW”, I said “NO TAKE ME BACK TO MY CONDO”. After arguing with this man for a little while, he took me home and when I got back it dawned on me that the Tuk Tuk drivers seem to know where all the hookers are and that it would be good information to write down for a blog. And it doesn’t just have to be a Tuk Tuk driver, you can ask the cab drivers also, they always know where to go for that type of stuff. Also, remember that your passport is very valuable and to keep it in a safety box if you do decide to bring women back to your room.


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