Sex, Dating, & Relationships in Thailand Part 4: Expect the Unexpected

First off, thank you to everyone who have read and shared my blogs, I appreciate it. I just woke up while typing this and I literally had to re-type the word “appreciate” in the last sentence 12 times. The topic I am about to touch on I think I talked about it a little bit in one of my other blogs but I will talk about it again. I have said this already several times that Thailand is a poor country, and when you have a passport from a country that is more developed, you are looked at as a meal ticket. When you are looked at as such, the people around you will start to do things out the ordinary just because you hold a certain passport.

Like for instance, I had a friend who was seeing this woman in Thailand and they enjoyed each other’s company so much that she invited him over to her house one night, after she had already been to his condo many times. He said ok, and after a long day of spending time with each other he went over to her house. In his mind, he was ready to “get it in” with her, just the two of them a lone and have a passionate night. Well long behold, she lived with her family and she had been telling them about my friend to her family. He was shocked and a little uncomfortable but went along with it. He was sitting at the dinner table with her mother and father and her other siblings as well, and the father just seemed a little too merry he said. Had kind of a cheesy smile throughout the entire meal and was sort of staring at him but he felt that it was just normal and he did not think nothing of it.

After they were done eating, he decided that he was going to head back home but her and her family wanted him to spend the night. There was only 1 bedroom in the entire house, and I think there were 5 or 6 people in her family he said. So on a regular night, the parents slept in their room together and everyone else slept in the living room. On this particular night, the parents and her brothers and sisters slept in the living room and wanted her daughter and my friend to sleep in their bedroom lol. Basically, the father was so happy that her daughter got herself an American that he gave his room up for the night just so they could have sex in their bedroom hoping that something even more serious comes out of their situation. My friend said he was weirded out by the whole thing and did not want to have sex with her at first, but ended up doing so anyways. He said “well if the father wanted me to have sex with their daughter in their bedroom then I am going to make sure they hear it”, just to be funny lol. Now mind you, the daughter he is messing with was 26 at the time. They were hoping that she would of gotten pregnant or got married.

After that situation, my friend met up with her a few more times and ended up giving her the “death in the family” excuse and broke up with her. I think he did the right thing by doing so, but he is definitely better then me, because I would of never spent the night in the first place. Her father was willing to give his backbone as a parent just so that an American could bang his daughter in his bedroom. I am pretty sure that happens quite often in Thailand and it is beyond creepy. How are you a grow man and you are sleeping with a smile on your face while your daughter is getting banged on your bed in the next room? 

smile-sleep-man-hand-face-portraitThat’s probably what he looked like at night. I’m pretty sure that when my friend broke up with his daughter he was beyond pissed but understanding at the same time. Like “damn I just let this guy smash my daughter and he left but there was a death in the family so its cool” lol. So don’t be surprised if you run into something like that if you plan on staying in Thailand for a long time.

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