Sex, Dating, & Relationships in Thailand Part 2: Don’t piss her off!!!

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As I mentioned in my last post, if I were you I would not get into any serious relationship in Thailand, but some people choose otherwise. For those people who have chose otherwise, this one is for you. Of course all relationships are not perfect, there are ups and downs and with those ups and downs comes arguing. Deep down inside, you hate to argue with the person you have feelings for, but when you feel like a boundary has been crossed and they do not seem to respect that, you have to know when to lay down the line. I hear a lot of men, overseas and in America or wherever you are from, talk about Asian women as if they are sexual objects and almost not even human to a certain degree. The fetish that these men have is insane and it almost doesn’t register, to a certain degree, that Asian women are people too. And that is what I am talking about when it comes to boundaries, seeing men overseas in poor countries somewhat crossing the boundaries with some of the women. That is why I say don’t get into anything serious and make sure everyone is on the same page, because when you get into a committed relationship things can go south if you are still out on the streets being thirsty for other women. If you decide to go down that path of taking advantage of some of the situations that these women are in, which some of them do as well, then expect something like this to happen to you.

I had a friend in Thailand, who was from America, and he was in a committed relationship with a Thai woman in Bangkok. I kept trying to warn this guy about not being in a serious relationship with his girlfriend, I told him to just break up because it is too late to tell her that you don’t want anything serious, but of course he did not listen. I told him this because he wasn’t taking her as serious as she was taking him. He was out every single night, bringing different women back to his place, and I would constantly warn him to slow down and break up with her but I was just being an annoying broken record. So one day they wanted to be fancy and they got a room, I forgot the name of the hotel , it wasn’t the Ambassadors Hotel it was way more fancy then that. Well they booked this room for several days and they partied and went out and did some outdoor activities. He basically did this because he wanted to  change up the environment of her house and his apartment, because she was poor and lived in a run down house, and he wanted to treat her to something special. Sounds nice and romantic right? But while he was doing this, he was also cheating on her, WHILE THEY WERE HANGING OUT!!! So he would go to the spa and tell her that he had this spa package deal set up for her and he was going to go out and get her a nice dress so they can go clubbing later on that night, and she felt happy and special. Well while she was at this spa getting special treatment, he was out banging street hookers. 

This man did not care, every opportunity he had he would leave her behind for a little bit and bang other women. He left her at the spa, he left her at the beach, and the final straw was when he left her at the movies to go bang another woman. Hookers are all over the place in Thailand, so all he had to do was just literally go outside and talk with a hooker or go into the nearest massage parlor and handle his business in there. She started to put two and two together and asked him questions when the movie was over and asked him where were you for more then half of the film. He gave her a BS excuse and she wasn’t buying it. They went back to the hotel and started arguing some more and she wanted to see his phone. He said no and they got into a big argument, and in the middle of the argument he openly admitted to her that he was banging other women and insulted her while he was telling her this. At that point she had an indignant expression on her face and told him that she was calling the police.

Now fellas, matter fact anyone for that matter, if anyone tells you that they are going to call the police on you for nothing, YOU RUN!!!! Get out of there as fast as you can. My friend on the other hand, he thought it was funny and laughed in her face. He thought it was so funny, he text messaged me what was going on and put a bunch of LOLs and LMAOs. I called him right away and told him TO GET OUT OF THERE FAST!!! He said “For what, I am just going to talk with the police and tell them that it was nothing, they can’t arrest me for nothing”. I said “You don’t understand, people out here look out for their own, they will lie on you and take you to jail”. I tried to explain to him as fast as possible about the dangers he was facing, but he thought it was just a bunch of malarkey. I asked him what hotel where they and what room # he was in, he told me, and I told him that I am on my way and I am coming to get you out of there. He literally did not understand and said “FOR WHAT”? I hopped on my scooter and drove at top speed to get to where he was, but I was a minute too late.

When I arrived, I was in the hallway and I could see from a distance that the police were entering the room. They beat him like a dog! Punching him in his head, pistol whipping him, stopping on him while he was on the ground, and they dragged him out of the hotel. His girlfriend told the police that they got into an argument and he beat her, which he never did. At that moment, I could not believe what was happening, I just knew that he was going to do some time and there was no saving him. The judge sentenced him to 21 months in the Bangkok Prison, or as I like to refer to it, “The Chicken Coop”.


The picture above is not a picture that I took, but that is basically what it looks like. Its a group of guys in a small room with wired fencing and the room is too small for everyone to sleep in at once, so you have to take turns sleeping while the others are standing. They decide that 1/3 of the guys in the room can sleep for 8 hours, after 8 hours the other set sleeps for 8 and so forth. Now I wasn’t there when he was arguing with his girlfriend, I can only go by his word, but I do not believe that he put hands on her. I can’t stress this point enough that you need to be smart and be honest with the women there. De escalate any situation that you are in, it doesn’t matter if it is with a male or female. If you find yourself getting into a situation and things are getting heated, calm them down and give them what they want and figure out a way to avoid that person from then on out. Fellas, if you are with a woman in Thailand and she is arguing with you like that, just say that you were right and I was wrong let me make it up to you by buying you this and treating you out to dinner and lets have a good time please and be nice, it does not make you look like a lame because your freedom could be in jeopardy. Do not argue back with anyone, do not start a fight, do not get into a serious committed relationship unless you plan on making her your wife, do not stay around when someone falsely wants to accuse you of something you did not do!!! Do you get it and do I make myself clear??? I CANT HEAR YOU….




Well hopefully I did and I hope that you learned from this story. That guy went back home when he got out and has not had the desire to leave America after that. A smart man learns from his own mistakes, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. It’s not a crime to mess around with women if you are going to Thailand, but be honest to the people you are dealing with and deal with the people like they are nothing. I am going to be honest, the people in Thailand are some of the nicest people ever, but like I said before in a previous post, they look out for their own. Download the app Line Messenger and send me a message: splashwave210