Sex, Dating, & Relationships in Thailand Part 1: Relationships

First off, I would like to say that I try to post something everyday but I have just been extremely busy the past few days. Not only do I have this website, I have another website that I look after, I make beats, I travel, and I have a crazy schedule on top of doing all that. For those who have subscribed to my blog site, I would like to say thank you and it means a lot. As far the title of this blog, I would like to say that I have to speak about this from an objective stand point and keep it real about the things I have seen and have experienced. I have a few people from Thailand who read my blogs and I want to say that I appreciate your support and this isn’t anything personal against Thailand and I hope you do not get offended. I make these blogs for men and women, but in this particular blog, this is game for the men. The reason why is because when I was overseas in Asia, rarely did I see a foreigner dating a local. I don’t think I ever saw it at all. It was really the men who were dating the local women in that country and the foreign women dating other foreign men, but still this blog is a good read and maybe you might learn something. I am going to be doing an a podcast about this subject matter real soon, which I will post up on this website, and I will go into more details on the podcast show. This is just a blog to introduce the podcast that is soon to come.

So the title has 3 different categories that are all different but tie into each other. Dating and relationships, some may view them as if they are synonymous to each other, but in this case, they are different. Let’s talk about relationships, which to me means that you are sure of what you and the other person want from each other and now you are on a level of seeing how the future pans out in hopes of maybe marriage or children or just basically being committed to each other for the long run. In my opinion, the word “relationship” should not even be in your vocabulary when it comes to being in Thailand. For the most part, the average person reading this or traveling over there are visitors, but there are still people who actually move over there and end up staying for a long period of time. There’s nothing wrong with living in Thailand, but if you are going to be in a relationship (which I advise that you don’t) here are some things that you need to know. 

Make sure you are tactful when it comes to breaking up with a significant other if the relationship goes south. A good excuse would be to say that there was a death in the family and you have to leave the country and you don’t know when you will be back. Like I said, it should of never gotten to that point of being serious in the first place and just been honest and say that you guys are just messing around and nothing too serious, but there are always going to be people who do things different. So why did I just say that earlier about making up an excuse? I have said this many times already that Thailand is a poor country and the majority of the women you deal with in Thailand will mainly be about the money, NOT ALL but most!!! That passport you own is worth a million dollars to them, so telling someone that you want to be in a relationship not only changes their lives but it changes their families lives. I have been to different people’s houses in Thailand, and let me tell you, we take things for granted. Most of them don’t have a toilet, they just have a hole in the ground. Some of them don’t have furniture, walls are dirty, old appliances, some no appliances, no clothes, living with multiple people in the house, no fan, the list goes on and on. When your significant other and their family sees that you make a substantial amount of money and you have let’s say an American passport, they’re not going to be too happy once they hear that you don’t want to be in a relationship anymore. I’ll tell you story. 

One time I had a friend, whom I knew for several years back in Canada, living in Thailand. Him and his roommate were paying $500 a piece for their condo in Bangkok. A one thousand dollar apartment in Thailand is pretty big and very nice. His roommate had about 3 girlfriends and he decided that he wanted to break up with one of his girlfriends and get with someone else, but while he did that, he wanted to go back to Europe for a week or two. So the day he leaves, he sends his girlfriend a message saying I don’t think this will work and it’s over. Well she told her father, and her father rounded up pretty much all the men in the family and went to my friends condo with baseball bats. My friend opened the door and they are in absolute rage with weapons in their hands and he sees his roommates girlfriend with them. He is trying to hear them out but it is hard for them to express themselves since they knew very little English. He basically got the gist of what they were trying to say and he told them that he did not know where his roommate was but he will contact them once he gets in touch with him. When he closed the door, the girl and her family did not leave, as a matter of fact, they camped right outside their condo building. My friend literally had to send his roommate an email saying to get in contact with him immediately since he knew he was in Europe. He did not call my friend until two days later, and at this time the girl and her family WERE STILL OUTSIDE WAITING!!! So the guy finally calls my friend and tells him what happened, and my friend goes off on him. He told him “what were you thinking, you don’t do that, you have to be smarter about how you handle that next time because they were ready to take my head off just to get to you”. He said that he will tell them that his mother passed and he left to go back home for a little while and he has to take care of his family now, and that’s exactly what he told them. Once he told them that, the girl and her family felt bad and they understood, and that’s what made them leave and not come back anymore.

So as you see, you can’t handle a situation like that as you normally would back home. You think breaking up with someone is as simple as ABC and it’s not. You have to remember that your passport is valuable. Another thing, don’t do the long distance back and forth relationship with women in Thailand, especially if she use to “work” in the streets. How embarrassing is it that you are calling to send money to your so called “girlfriend”, calling her baby and the whole I love you spill, and she’s got a guy laying right next to her in bed who just got through plowing her like a farmer plows his field? I have seen it happen. I have asked women how much money was their boyfriend in Europe sending them, and they would tell me anywhere between 2,000 – 3,000 pounds a month on average. You fellas out there need to cut it out. You really think by sending them that much money that they are going to stop prostituting or sleeping with other guys……?

edloverThat’s right, C’mon Son! Now I will have to say that it is somewhat easy to juggle different women in Thailand if that is what you want to do, but a break up is not easy if you have said that you are committed to that person. I have seen guys out there marry and have children with the women there, but most of those guys were non educate losers back where they are from, not all. Some of them are retired, so I always say not all, and some of them are not retired, there are young foreigners there that are successful and had a real connection with a woman out there. But for the most part, a lot of the women are out there are for sale. When you are not around her, you don’t have the slightest clue as to what they are doing. They could be sleeping with someone else, or rounding up other men in her village to come rob you, which I have seen before. I have met women who were dating foreigners and acted like they were very serious about their so called boyfriend and Facebook page is full of pictures of them two together, but at the club, they will leave with one guy to bang him and come back just to take another guy home to bang in the same night. Now is sleeping with random people a crime, no, it might be a little irresponsible and distasteful, but like I said I advise you not to get into anything serious with anyone  there and just be on the same page and say that you two are just messing around and enjoy each other’s company.

So in this blog you learned that you need to just keep it real with someone that you may think you might have a connection with out there, don’t take it serious, be tactful when it comes to breaking up, and don’t get into any long distance relationship if you may have to go back to your home country because 9.5 out of 10 that is not going to stop them from working (prostituting) in the streets or messing around with other men there. Look forward to my next blog as I will talk about if you are in a relationship why it is important not to piss your girlfriend off and what could happen if you do not deescalate the situation. Add me on Line Messenger: splaswave210

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