Chiang Mai Thailand Part 11: Keep it to yourself

Yes, the picture above is a photo I took. Anyways, let’s get right in. The title basically means to keep the amount of money you have on the low at all times. It’s ok to carry cash on you but not too much. As I said in a previous blog post, if you plan on staying in Thailand for a while, go put your money in a bank account there. It is understandable that you want to have a lot of money saved up for your trip. Just in case if anything goes wrong, emergency, or if you want to have a good time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but remember, you are in a poor country and people are watching you. 

Now the average monthly income for someone in Thailand is $200 US Dollars a month, which in their money is about 6,700 Baht. Of course you are going to bring more then that with you on a trip, but don’t carry more then you can afford to lose at one time. This pretty much goes without saying. Why am I making a post out of this? I had a friend once who carried over 170,000 baht on him at one time, and I have seen other people do this as well. 

170,000 Thai Baht is around $5,000 US Dollars, that’s a little over 2 years salary for the average worker over in Thailand. It wasn’t smart of him to carry around that much cash on him. What happened was, he was out with a young lady that he had met at the club the night before. They had already “hooked up” a couple times at this point, and on that particular day he took her out on a date. They went to the mall first, because he wanted to take her out to the club to go dancing later on that night, and bought her some clothes. They went out to eat, and I believe they saw a movie also. Now mind you, the whole time he is paying for these things, she is paying attention to his wallet. Now 170,000 baht you are probably thinking that, “that is a lot of bills, how can he fit it in all in his pocket”? The largest Thai bills that they make over there are the 1,000 baht bills. 


That is a picture of it above. So he had 170 of those in his pocket and wallet and she could see that. Later on that night, they were heading to a club/bar and they were walking down the street, while she had on her new outfit that he bought. He felt as if something wasn’t right after the date. He noticed she was on her phone a lot more and he would ask her “who are you messaging”? She told him it was someone in her family, but he didn’t think so. While walking, he felt as if he was being followed because he noticed that ever since they left the hotel, there was someone kind of keeping their distance always there behind them whenever he would look around and glance at his environment around him. She kept telling him about some club that she knew of that they should go to and would try to get him to take little shortcuts and lure him down back alleys to get there, saying if they turned down a certain street or alley it would be much quicker. 

At that moment, he knew something wasn’t right and said he needed to use the restroom. So at the nearest restaurant, he told her to wait outside while he went inside to use their restroom. He went inside the establishment and walked in the restroom for a little bit, got out, and walked straight through the kitchen and ran out the back door without a care. Now as he is running, he wants to make sure that his speculation was true. There was a hotel nearby, and he went in the hotel and stood in the back of the lobby out of sight just to see if she would walk past, and the hotel was at an angle where he could stand in a corner in the front and see the front of the restaurant. Sure enough, she walked past the front of the hotel with another guy and they were looking as if they were trying to find someone, WHICH WAS HIM!!! From that day forward, he never kept that amount of cash on him. To be on the safe side, get a Thailand bank card and don’t care no more then about 7,000 baht on you. You don’t want to end up like my friend lol. Add me on Line Messenger – splashwave210