Chiang Mai Thailand Part 10: Be Careful Where You Eat At

Above is a random photo I took. I don’t know why I took that photo but I made the colors stand out and look excellent lol. Lets get to the topic at hand. In Thailand of course you are going to get hungry and eat the amazing food that the country has to offer. I’m being dead serious, Thailand has great food, but where you eat your meals at are going to determine whether you are going to have a hellacious time on the toilet or you are going to be living in food porn paradise.


Even though the picture is a little out of focus, the photo above is the average meal  that I ate almost every single day while I was in Chiang Mai minus the chicken (because I am a vegan). I did not take that picture above, a friend took it. Fried rice mixed with vegetables, chicken, and a dash of soy sauce. That plate right there will literally cost you $1.50 (50 baht). Depending on what restaurant you eat this at, you  could end up finding stuff in your meal that is not edible. One time I went to this small outside restaurant, and when I say small I mean like they took wood and made a little hut themselves, and ordered that same meal above. When I received my plate and started digging in, I found a toenail and a watch battery in my food. Now in a foreign country, you have nobody to run to talk to in order to file a complaint and you can’t sue anybody. You will basically have to show it to the owner, get up , leave, take a loss, and never return to that restaurant ever again.

Street food is another example. I was hanging out with a friend one time, she was from Indonesia, and we were walking back from the club in Chiang Mai. On our way back, she noticed a food stand and wanted to order some fried squid and some other stuff that I couldn’t stomach. She asked if I was going to get anything and I said no lol. She could not believe that I did not like squid and I never bought any food from a food stand in Thailand. I basically said “I like the food in Thailand, I am just very careful and cautious as to where I buy food from out here”. She laughed at me. To make a long story short, she got very bad food poisoning and she was sick for days. She swore up and down that she was never going to eat from a food stand ever again. Now I am not saying for you to never try anything from a food stand in Thailand, all I am saying is be careful and cautious because you don’t know if some of these guys who own a food stand are following any sanitary procedures.

Another guy I met in Thailand said he went to a restaurant once bit into the meat and the meat was green lol. He almost threw up on the spot. All the owner said was “oh that meat was pretty bad huh”? Check your food before your food checks your stomach. I’ll never forget about the time I ate at this restaurant on my second day in Chiang Mai. I ate at this place in The Harbour, it’s an area west of Maya mall filled with restaurants and theres a huge screen at the top of one of the bars and everybody goes there to watch soccer outside, it’s nice.


I didn’t take this picture, but that’s a photo of a small sectioned off area in the Harbour. Now as your look at this pic, on the right side of that building you can see a yellow sign but there is a table umbrella in the way. That small restaurant serves noodles with meat and other stuff in it, but it’s spicy. They serve other stuff there, but from what I remember they just served different bowls of food and I ordered the noodles with meat and it was spicy. Now other countries cook with different spices, and the food was good but just a little spicy. Well when I went back to my condo to let nature takes its course, excuse me for being blunt but my anus was on fire lol. Yes, it went in spicy, and it came out even spicier. That’s part of the reason why I became a vegan. So that’s another thing you should watch out for is getting used to eating what spices they cook with in certain countries. That situation more then likely is going to happen your first time and your body will probably get used to that from then on out but I did not want to find out if it would. 

That next day in the Harbour, I ate at this restaurant and I ordered some chicken and beef with rice meal and some sort of green tea milkshake or something like that. When my food came in and I started eating it, I noticed the meat didn’t taste like no part of a chicken or cow I’ve ever had. So I put the meat a side and ate the rice. I tried to drink the green tea shake drink that they made and I couldn’t finish it. I paid for my meal while the plate and drink was full and left. So at that moment, I saw something in the news about a guy who ate nothing but pork and had a brain full of maggots because of it and I stopped eating meat altogether. From then on out, I ate all my meals at the mall because they are held by a certain standard. I did buy some fruits and vegetables at the grocery store but you also have to be careful when it comes to buying food there as well. I bought some pineapples once and when I cut the pineapple there were a bunch of ants that started crawling out. 

Look, I am aware that I have to be open minded and more understanding when I go to some of these places when I travel, we all do, but my health is important. I don’t regret nothing that I ate over there, and I am glad I saw what others went through because that changed my eating habits for the better. Don’t think that I am bashing the food in Thailand, trust me when I say that the food is great over there. I am just bringing awareness to people and saying that this can happen and when it does, don’t expect to be compensated for anything. Just remember what it was that you ordered at that restaurant, don’t go back, and let other travelers know to be careful if they do decide to go to that restaurant that you had that experience at. The places where I have gone and eaten at that were always safe were restaurants in the malls, but don’t just limit yourself to eating at the malls. Add me on Line Messenger: splashwave210


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