Chiang Mai Thailand Part 9: Respect the King…OR ELSE…

Above is obviously not a picture of the king. I only have one photo of the king, who’s name is Bhumibol Adulyadej, and it’s the thumbnail picture I chose for the blog “Chiang Mai Thailand Part 3 Bring Your Own Lotion”. Remember, I did not take a lot of photos in Thailand lol. Now hopefully nothing I say in this blog post will rub anybody the wrong way, I do not say things with the intent to hurt. These blogs are to help and at the same time they are my experiences, but I have to keep it real as they say. 

Now one thing about the people in Thailand is that I admire how much respect they show to the King. I wish the people of the United States, which is where I am from, would show that much respect towards our president. Our president gets heckled during his speeches, racist cartoon are being drawn and posted on the internet of him and his family, and a lot of people don’t even address him as “Mr. President” and disrespectfully just call him by his first or last name. It disgusts me! Whether you like him or not, address him as the President of the United States, and speak your opinion of his policies from a place of concern and not from a place of hatred. But let me tell you something, in Thailand, your negative opinion WON’T FLY and it is a quick way for you to get jumped or arrested.

When you go to the movie theatres in Thailand, you must stand for the Thailand national anthem and pay homage to the King before the start of every film. Don’t get caught sitting in the theatre while this is going on unless you are handicap, because if you don’t, nothing positive will come towards your way. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE in Thailand LOVES the king. Any negative opinion you might have or concern as to “why this” or “why doesn’t he do that”, just keep it to yourself. You don’t like the way things or done there, then pack you bags and go home. Now I am not putting anyone’s heritage or culture before my own, I am just letting you know how things are out there because I want you to have a good time and not get hurt.

Make sure you handle your money carefully. Don’t throw money, don’t crumble it up in your pocket, keep it nice and neat or just get a bank card like I told you in one of my other blog posts. King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s face is on ALL of the coins and the bills, so in their eyes if you are mistreating the money then you are disrespecting the King. Let me give you a scenario. You are out with your friends, you are having a good time and a couple of your friends want to go in one bar but the other half wants to go in another bar, but you don’t want to split up. So you decide it will probably be best to flip a coin and say “Heads we go here, Tails we go over here”, Right? Well of course if you want people to stomp you and your buddies to oblivion. Ok, I may be exaggerating just a bit, but someone will come and check you about that. Do not flip any coins, because like I said, the Kings face is on the coin. It is better off for you to just pick a number between 1-100 or something along those lines lol. And another thing, if you ever see money on the ground, don’t stomp on it and drag it towards you with your foot, you just pick it up and put it in your pocket. Stomping on money is a no no, because why……EXACTLY!

Thailand is a poor country, not everyone that is because there are some rich people in Thailand, but in general it is a poor country. You would think that people who live in the conditions that they live in would have a lot to complain about or criticize the King but they don’t. Regardless of their situation they still show a lot of love towards the king and respect him, because it would not go down like that in America or Canada. I hear people ALL THE TIME say something negative about the Prime Minister in Canada and the President of the United States, but they are totally different countries and open criticism is allowed. Everything in the country of Thailand belongs to the King, EVERYTHING! So if he decides to roll up on you and tell you to give him your car, you must give him your car. And I am by no means saying that he does stuff like that, it’s just an example. 

I hope nothing I said in this blog offended anyone, I just have to speak the real. I want you to have a good time and enjoy yourself. Take heed to what I am saying and you will have a good time. Stand up during the national anthem at the theatres, don’t say anything disrespectful about the king, don’t step on the money or flip any coins, don’t have anything with the King’s face on it lying on the ground any type of way. You follow all that, you will be safe and it might save you from jail or a beatdown. Line Messenger – splashwave210