Chiang Mai Thailand Part 8: NO DRYERS!!!

Above is a photo that I took of an apartment building across from the condo building I was staying at. I’ve mentioned this before that at the time I did not have a website in mind so I did not take a lot of photos. I wish I did. As you can see in the picture above, there are clothes hanging off small clothing racks. There are plenty of places to go to wash your clothes, and it is not expensive at all. I forgot how much it cost exactly, just know that it is real cheap and the machines only take just a few coins. If you are staying at a hotel, more then likely they have wash machines. If you are staying in an apartment complex, or condo, or a house and it doesn’t have a wash machine, there’s usually a place real close nearby that have them. For me, there was a small little laundromat next door that had wash machines. Some laundromats sell detergent or you can get them from a grocery store or at a 7/11 nearby. The detergents i picked up from the stores made my clothes smell really good actually. But there are no dryers in Thailand, none that I saw or anyone else that I ran into out there that knew of. 


The weather in Chiang Mai is more of a dry heat, unlike Bangkok where it’s more of a humid heat. Still, the weather is really hot and sometimes drying your clothes outside takes forever. The position where my room was in my condo building wasn’t in the direction where the sun rose or set. So my clothes did not actually get any sunlight, just pure heat. And I had a very small balcony, so not a lot of  wind circulation was coming through at all. The best thing for me to do was to hang my clothes up around my room and under the A/C unit. If you are going to do this, make sure you wash small loads of clothes at a time if you don’t have a huge rack or area to hang your clothes up at. 

Sometimes when it was taking too long to dry my clothes, I would just put them on when they were kind of damp and go out and let the air just dry as I was walking lol. I didn’t really look into it because my room had a small clothing rack, but if you’re room doesn’t, look into buying one while you are out there if you plan on staying for a while. Another thing bout detergent, they come in plastic bags and from what I remember there is not a slit in any of the bags, so you will need some scissors to open them. Buy a paper clamp also while you are at the store because one load doesn’t take up the entire bag. You do not want to have your bag sitting on your desk or dresser and you knock it over and have it spill everywhere, it’s happened to me before. Plus the smell of the detergent is sweet and it might attract ants. I will talk about the ant problem in Chiang Mai maybe in my next blog post. Hope you enjoyed this post. Add me on Line messenger: splashwave210