For those who don’t know, I am an Apple product user. I have had Android products in the past and I wasn’t satisfied with their products. They do have some nice phones and nice features on their devices but just not for me. So for the past couple of weeks I have been hearing about the new Apple iOS 9 update that is suppose to be releasing in the fall and here is what I have heard about it and my take on it.



So as you can see, with the new release you get a new stock wallpaper. The color wave of the wallpaper seems to go better with the colors of the apps in my opinion. I have not seen the beta test in front of me, but if it is too bright or not to your liking you can scroll back and choose the old wallpaper if you like.


Before you were able to swipe the screen down in order to get to the search toolbar, but now you can swipe from right to left from the main home page to get to the search page with the new update. On the search screen it includes things like “Siris suggestions”, “Nearby” so you can search for restaurants or gas stations or malls nearby in your area, and “News” which is self explanatory. Is it something that I need? No! But it looks cool. Adding on another page that you might accidentally end up swiping to might get annoying after a while. If I want to send a text message, but I am on the 5th page on my phone, I usually swipe really fast until it stops and I end up on the main page. Am I complaining for nothing? Possibly!


Siri has also been enhanced with a new interface and has a cool looking waveform that is similar to the one on the iWatch. It understands you more accurately now, and it now searches through a wider range of topics that you might have. Honestly, I have never used Siri before and I don’t plan on using it with iOS 9. I don’t like asking a question to a computer. It’s like when you try to call customer service for something over the phone and you get the automated voice system instead and they can’t understand anything you are saying. But if you are a person that uses Siri, it might be something to look forward to.

They also added a low power mode feature to the phone. You go to Settings, flip the switch on and then your battery life color turns yellow. Which is something I am looking forward to because the iPhone 6 eats up a lot of battery life regardless of them promoting long battery life for the phone.

Apple-ios-9 (1)

Next up is the Multitasking functionality on iOS9. You can run two programs at once that only the support multitasking. So if you are on the surfing through the web and you want to check your email or photos or watch a movie at the same time you can. You can’t open your Youtube app and another app at the same time. It will let you open up the window, which you access that from the slide bar from the right of your screen, but it will pause whatever it is you were watching on Youtube. And that goes for any app that doesn’t support multitasking. They also gave a new look to toggling and viewing all of your open apps. Just a newer animated look.


I want to talk about the notes and the maps. With the maps they show public transportation, trains and I believe bus stops as well. So whenever you are visiting a new city or country, this right here will come in handy. Maps also seems like it functions like a Yelp app now. If you’re thinking about looking up a restaurant to go to, you can check out the restaurants in your area and look up the reviews and see what people have to say about it, and you can give your personal review as well.

The new note functionality allows you to add pictures, voice messages, and a checklist to your notes. It also allows you to regain recently deleted messages that you might want back. So if there was something important that you wrote down that you thought you might not need anymore but now you do, you can go into the trash folder and regain that deleted note. You can also doodle and sketch write whatever you want in your notes now if you choose so. There are also more things added to iOS 9 that I did not mention and those are “CarPlay”, and  “Wallet”, which I don’t think I will be using any of those.


Last on the list that I want to mention is the new “News” app. They really seem to be promoting this heavy. You can choose several different sources that you want to get your news from. So let’s say for sports I usually go to, well know you don’t have to open your Safari browser for that, you can just click on the ESPN news app and it will update you with the latest news. Same goes for any other topic that you are interested. Like technology, or the “New York Post”, or politics, or art & entertainment, there is a news app for it. Now when it comes to the daily world news I honestly like to stick to Social Media Outlets because some of these so called “trusted news sources”, feed us a bunch of bull. Other then that, I will give it a try and test it out and see if I like it.

I am honestly looking forward to the new update and the new look. New is always a good thing, but they say it is engineered to perform at every level, your devices will work that much better, it will be faster and more responsive, and me personally I don’t believe it. Not saying that it is not true, because it is not out yet and I have not tested it, but anytime Apple has added a new software update to their devices, I have always noticed it was kind of laggy afterwards. Except for the updates that fixes bugs and other different problems. As the software upgrades, there comes a point in time where you will have to upgrade the hardware to handle that as well for it to run smoothly. Anyways, that is all. Like I said before, I am not the smartest person in the world, I am pretty much an average dumb consumer blogging about what I read and saw on the internet when it came to the new iOs 9 update lol. Hope you enjoy.


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