Chiang Mai Thailand Part 7: Maya Mall


I had to mention the note above because when I was traveling I honestly did not think I would ever make a website. So I did not think to take more pics at that time. All of my other bog posts are pictures that I took. but anyways, lets continue. If you are ever in the city of Chiang Mai, you might want to check out that mall above called Maya Mall. It lights up purple at night and the water fountain in the front changes colors every so often. It is definitely quite the site to see at night and picture worthy. The mall is located on the cross streets of Huaykaew Road and Nimmanahaeminda Road on the north west side of the city. The condo that I was renting out for the month was literally a 15 – 20 minute walk up the road. Not only is the location of where this mall is at is great, the mall itself is good and definitely worth renting out a hotel or condo within the area to be close to this mall. Here’s why….




I am going to break down and explain each level of the mall to tell you what to expect when you walk in the mall. Now by looking at the picture above, you would assume that there are about 4 different floors. NO! Now from what I remember, there were 6 floors. The top level floor is basically nothing, it’s a split level area, I think there are some offices but people that shop there cannot do anything on the 6th floor. Now remember, I am doing this by memory ok lol, so if I mess up do not get mad lol. It won’t be the wrong information, it’s just that I might have my floors mixed up. Anyways, lets start with the basement level. 

Maya Mall Food Court

Above is a picture of the basement area in the mall which is basically a food court/ cafeteria. They serve good food here at a cheap price and also have juice bars where they take fresh fruits and vegetables and put them through a juicer. The average price of a plate, depending on what you get, will run you around 50 – 60 baht, and like I said that depends on what you get. Getting juice from a juice bar ranges between 40 baht on up. The price gets higher if you order pomegranate juice or if you want more then one fruit or vegetable in your juice. If you read my blog post called “No fighting, just let it go”, you will see that I had mentioned about a time when a woman was being rude to me when I was trying to order some food. Well this is where I was talking about. Go back and read what I wrote about that situation. Also, there are some stores in the basement that sell cakes and other stuff like that, I believe there was a coffeeshop too, but the basement area is a good place to get your grub on. Now let’s move on to the 1st floor….


The people over at Maya Mall like to present new items or something they are trying to promote in a more fashionable and fancy ambiance. I remember one time I went to the mall and they were promoting a sign up discount special for the gym upstairs and they had the lights, the stage, the confetti, the music, the chairs, I mean they had the works. And it’s not just that. they will have this setup like you see in the picture above for clothes, shoes, talent shows, new food, toys, anything that they want to put people on notice about they go all out. As you walk around the 1st floor, they have clothing stores, jewelry set ups, areas where they are selling perfume, luggage, I believe there are people downstairs selling special handmade rugs, and that’s about all I can remember. I believe there is an Adidas store on the first floor also, theres a Levi store, a Wrangler store, Bratpack store where they sell clothes and fancy backpacks, a Giordano store,   but what stands out the most about the main floor is pretty much what you see in the picture above. I would say about 5  out of the 7 days in the week they have a setup like that promoting something.There is also a Starbucks coffee shop on the first floor as well and I believe there is another coffee shop close to Starbucks or something, I can’t remember lol, forgive me. Now let’s move on to the second floor….


I honestly could not find any real good pics of the 2nd floor, but just like downstairs on the main floor, the first floor has a little area where they set up different things that they are promoting by the elevators. The picture above is an event that they are holding for the kids to do arts & crafts. Ive seen little small setups where they were selling guitars and there were musicians that came by and performed. Other stores that I can remember on the 2nd floor was a Jaymart, which is their version of a cellphone accessories store. So if you want to buy a case or a charger you can go there. I remember there was a couple toy stores, theres a camera store as well. I bought some SD cards from that store, and they also sell all the accessories that comes with cameras as well as the body of the cameras itself. Theres a small book store on that floor, there’s an electronic store. I bought a pair of headphones that were cheap but not bad, it was actually decent quality. There is a Watsons store, which is their version of a Walgreens but smaller. I think there is a skin whitening clinic on the 2nd floor as well. Las but not least, from what I can remember, there are a few banks that are on that floor as well. I highly advise that you take out some money and put it in one of their banks so you do not run up international withdrawal fees from the ATM machines. I believe the gym is either on the 2nd or 3rd floor, maybe the 2nd. I was interested in signing up but they told me the membership was between 3,500 – 4,000 baht ($105 – $120 U.S. dollars) which is overpriced and I had to pass up on their offer.Last on the list from what I can remember is a store called Viva Loco. It’s basically a Thai version of Spencers, it is a party store where you can get your shot glasses and glow in the dark gear and beer pong stuff. Stuff like that if you know what I mean. Lets move on….


3rd floor is the food court area. In the picture above, there are two small places in the pictures where I literally ate every single day. The place with the sign that says “Chou Chou” is a juice bar. I would pay 50 baht ($1.50 USD) for an orange, celery, tomato, and pineapple juice, and while they were fixing that for me I would then walk to the area in the back and order fried rice and vegetables. If you look closely, in the back of the picture there is a restaurant with a yellow wall and green picture, that is where I am talking about, and the rice and vegetables was 50baht also.


To the left of that location is the area above. Maya Fantasia is a play area for little kids and there is a candy shop somewhere around there also. Next to that is a KFC, and along the other side opposite of the 3rd floor from the picture above, which I can’t find any pictures of, are more restaurants. I don’t know the proper name for it, but there’s one restaurant where you sit down and there’s a belt that moves that has a bunch of plates on it and you just pick up the plates with the types of food that you want and start eating. There are restaurants that have hot pots. You order what you what on the menu, the server brings it to you, and you drop it in a hot boiling pot in the middle of your table. There is a Japanese sushi restaurant in that area. It is a little bit more expensive then the other restaurants, and I am talking maybe 100 – 150 baht which is between 3-5 dollars USD. Nothing too crazy.


Last but not least is the 4th floor. The picture above is a section on the 4th floor called Camp. Camp is basically a study area with Wifi and a kitchen. In order to receive WIFI, you have to buy food and the price has to be above 40baht I believe and then they give you a piece of paper with a login name and password that only works for 2 hours. After the two hours is up you can go pay for something else and they will give you another one. I think you might be able to just pay for the WIFI outright if you don’t want to eat or drink anything.


Camp was my absolute favorite part of the mall. I did a lot of studying and research there. As you can see in the picture above, you can sit anywhere that best suits your comfortability. They also have quiet meeting rooms that you can book hourly for you and your coworkers or friends, whatever the case may be.4dbe015b221c5cb992919671333e9f69

Order your soup, or french fries, or fried rice, or cookies, or smoothie, or noddles, whatever it is you ordered, and bring it to the back of Camp and surf the web comfortably while eating your food. If you plan on visiting Chiang Mai and staying for about a month or longer, you might want to look into spending some free time at Camp just to catch up with stuff that’s going on back home or work or school.


Next up is the movie theatre and that is pretty much self explanatory. Very clean and nice, they definitely take care of the movie theatres and they do show the latest big box office hit movies and they are in English. Sometimes they might be a little late, not to say that ALL the movies that are out in America are going to be shown in Thailand, but the more popular ones, yes. They have their own Thai movies that they show, and those seem interesting. A lot of High School love comedy flicks I noticed. This theatre does not have a 4D screening like some of the other theatres that do in Thailand.

image1The arcade area is another part of the mall that is unique. It’s not a huge arcade but some of the games will help pass the time. They have an Arcade Dancing Game, which even though I suck at it, it was fun to watch other people who seem like experts compared to me go at it. They have air hockey, karaoke booths, racing games, shooting games, a punching bag game, and another game that is kind of like Rockband but it is with Asian drums. I thought that was cool.


Last but not least is the 7D-Xzone area. You basically go up to the guy at the counter, tell him you want to pick a scene and you walk in a room that is pretty much kind of like an arcade simulator and it shakes and look at the screen the whole time while sound effects are going off and wind is blowing in your face. The different scenes you can choose from are stuff like outer space and in the jungle and stuff like that. I tried it once and did not want to go back and do it again. One time was good enough for me. A for effort but not very exciting to me.


So there you have it. That is my rundown of the mall on each level. The above picture is the balcony area. You can go outside and take beautiful pictures like this one here. The balcony area is located on the left of the arcade. There are some tables and chairs out there you can sit on as well. Eat your meal and enjoy the relaxing scenery with a friend or a significant other. That is all that I have, I hope this blog post wasn’t too long and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Like this post, share, leave a comment, and add me to Line Messenger and lets chat. Display Name: splashwave210