Chiang Mai Thailand Part 6: No Fighting!!! Just let it Go!

The entire time I was there in Chiang Mai, I enjoyed every minute of my stay. The people there were very hospitable and some of the people there tried their best to communicate with me. I can’t explain the type of warm feeling you get when someone is trying their best to get to know you even though the both of you do not speak the same language. I literally only had one minor incident in Chiang Mai when I felt that this lady was being rude to me. Her actions does not represent all of the people there, but I will discuss that a little bit later on in the post.

But just because you might feel somewhat safe in Thailand and you feel as if you are in a friendly environment, doesn’t mean that negative tension cannot come towards your way. Never sleep on any country you go to and i mean NEVER! 

The way things are handled in Thailand is that people look out for their own first regardless if they are in the wrong or not. So lets say you are walking down the street and some random person decides to step on your shoes and spit in your face, your natural reaction is to defend yourself, but if you put hands on that person the whole entire street and whoever is there watching will jump in and help that person.

Not to say that will ever happen, but I’ve seen and heard worse. I had a friend who was a lady and she was a lesbian. She was taking a taxi somewhere with her girlfriend and that day the taxi driver decided that he wanted to get over on both of them (I was not with them when this incident happened). Now mind you, the driver is a male. He pulls over and the meter says one price but he is asking for more. My friend said “NO IM ONLY PAYING YOU WHAT THE METER SAYS, I AM NOT GIVING YOU MORE MONEY. WE DIDN’T EVEN GO THROUGH ANY TOLLS”. Her and her girlfriend had some bags in the trunk and when they went to go grab the bags out the trunk, the driver slammed the trunk door and punched my friend in the face and grabbed her and yelled “POLICE POLICE POLICE”!!!!

So she decided to give him the amount that he was asking for and go about her business, but the fact that he put his hands on a woman and tried to put her in a bad situation disgusted me. She came back the next day with a bruise on her face and we had a long talk about what could of happened if she defended herself. 

Number one, it would of been his word against hers. So if she would have defended herself against him, the people driving and walking by would of probably helped him out instead of her because she is considered an outsider and not one of “them”. That there is a serious beatdown, because word on the street is the people in that part of the country don’t really stop when you’re unconscious. I’ll just put it like that. Another thing that could of happened is, he could of held her arm (which he was doing) until the cops came and they would of taken her straight to jail no if ands or buts because like I said, it is his word against hers. I personally knew someone out there who’s girlfriend caught him cheating and she threatened to call the police on him. He laughed it off and waited right there until the police arrived. When they showed up, she said that he put hands on her and they beat him almost half to death and threw him in prison for 18 months. NO BULLSH*T!!!

Same thing goes for you party animals that are out there. If you are reading this and you know you are somewhat of a violent drunk, don’t drink!!! I’ve seen people get beat nearly half to death inside of different clubs out in Bangkok because they almost started a random fight or they were just a little too touchy feely in an aggressive way. You are not going to win!!! I don’t care how many people are with you, they will call up the Tuk Tuk driver to help them if they need to lol. Someone starts some trouble with you, do your best to defuse the situation, and if that person is still coming at you then you leave and go to another club. There are SO MANY bars and clubs in certain major cities in Thailand that it is not worth staying in one spot for that type of drama. Sometimes if people see that you are not trying to cause any trouble and they see someone that they “identify with” is causing problems for no reason, then they might pull them to the side and say calm down. If it is a foreigner on foreigner fight then they don’t give a sh*t lol. 

My point here is not to scare you out of not going to Thailand. It is definitely a great country to visit and spend your vacation time at, but just know that an issue can happen anywhere you travel to. The only situation where I felt as if someone was being rude to me was when I was at Maya Mall in Chiang Mai trying to pay for my order of rice and a woman yelled at me when I was trying to ask a simple question because they did not have a register. I did not know who to give my money to. When I feel like I am being mistreated or the level of customer service is poor, I simply take my money elsewhere. I went to the other side of the food court and bought rice from a different restaurant. The original restaurant whom I tried to order from actually cooked up my meal and tried to serve it to me anyway and I refused to take it. But that is peanuts to an elephant. 


Do not cause any trouble. If you feel as if things are getting heated between you and a local, just simply walk away or defuse the situation. Do not cause or initiate a fight. The people in Thailand do look out for their own and will stomp you out if they feel like you are harming one of their own regardless if the person you are attacking was in the wrong. Treat others as you would like to be treated. If you feel as though you are an aggressive drunk then limit yourself or don’t drink at all. If you feel as though someone is trying to scam you and they threaten to call the police, either get out of the area as quick as possible or give them what they want. Just because I am blogging about this does not mean it will happen to you and you should not let this stop you from traveling to Thailand. Contact me through Line Messenger: splashwave210


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