Chiang Mai Thailand Part 5: Can’t trust foreigners neither!

Foreigners are not to be trusted neither. Remember, a foreigner is someone in a foreign country that is not from there. Hard to imagine that you have to label yourself a foreigner right lol. You would think that the people you meet that are not from there, that speak the same language as you, probably from your hometown, and hang out with you quite often would show you love and have your back. That is not always the case.

Not everybody that travels have money. Some of the foreigners that I met in Thailand most definitely did not have a lot of money, and this is nothing against them, but I always had to watch my back. When there are foreigners who are in situation where they do not have a lot of money, they have overstayed their visit, they know that they can potentially be thrown in jail, they are hungry, who do you think they are going to ask or steal money from first? You have already labeled this person your friend, you have invited them to the place that you are staying, you have told them already what you do for a living, they know that you carry cash, you have to be weary at times. I know people who have had their passport and belongings stolen by other foreigners, and even though most countries have a police unit for the protection of foreigners, that still doesn’t mean that they can help you.

I guess I am speaking for the type of people who decide to live in a foreign country like Thailand, because a lot of people who do go to Thailand stay for a long period of time, and when I say long period of time I mean two weeks or longer. I remember one time I was leaving Hong Kong and going back to mainland China, and there was a man at Futian checkpoint begging everybody that walked past to give him $100 because he overstayed his visit. The man almost had tears coming down his face, and some people will turn those tears right into anger. Imagine you ran out of money and you do not have a plane ticket to go back to your home country and you overstayed your visit, what would you do?

Some of these people had a preconceived notion about the country they so badly wanted to move to because they did not feel important in their own country, and when they got there they had a change of heart. By the time they have already had a change of heart about the location they are in, more then likely it is too late unless they had a set date as to when they were going to leave like within a week or something. Make sure you don’t end up like that, and know when it is time to go. Don’t waste your time in a place that you do not feel happy about, because it can turn you into a totally different person and you might hurt others.

Tips for the viewers:

– Watch behavior patterns in certain people

– Keep your passport in your lockbox (safe) in your room.

– DO NOT CARRY A LARGE AMOUNT OF CASH ON YOU!!! (I can’t stress that enough)

– Know when it is time go before you run out of money

– Do not overstay your visit

– Always keep your distance from others when you travel, I am not saying don’t make friends, but be weary of the “friends” you make in other countries.