Chiang Mai Thailand Part 1: The Arrival


The day I arrived in Chiang Mai was the beginning of a new chapter in my life, because the experience I had for the time I was there changed my life. It changed the way I eat to this very day, it changed the way I view the world, and it was most definitely a learning experience. For me to go on the internet and book that flight was a bold move and decision I will never regret.

Hi, my name is Splash. I am not a writer, I am not the smartest person in the world, and as you follow along my journey, you will start to notice that I might make a few grammatical errors here and there. I am far from perfect, but if I could describe myself in one word, it would have to be ingenuous. I keep it 110% when it comes to my experience and my opinion, but my intentions is never to hurt anyone. On that note, lets begin!

I arrived in Chiang Mai on the last day of August. I was on a plane coming from Bangkok, a cesspool of sex. During the evening, on the main strip, you can’t walk no more then a block without at least one woman literally begging to have sex with you. But I am going to leave that story for another day. The plane ride wasn’t that bad at all. I flew on Nok Air Airlines and I believe I spent about $70 dollars for a one way ticket. Taking the train is cheaper, but I heard stories of the trains constantly de-railing and that’s not a risk I am willing to take. Plus, the ride is about 12 hours and I wasn’t about to sit through that seeing how I just got off from a 23 hour flight 3 days prior.

Finally, the plane lands, I go get my luggage and I head out to the front where my cab was waiting for me. I step outside and noticed that the humidity wasn’t as bad as Bangkok. The heat made this Texas boy right at home. The driver takes my bags and drives about 30-45 minutes to my hotel. Thailand is very cheap and your money goes a long way out there. Matter fact, that 45 minute cab ride cost me about 250baht ($7.50). Can’t beat that price at all. The cab driver was very friendly and even though his English wasn’t that good, he did teach me some Thai phrases and he tried his best to tell me about the tourist sites to go to.

Looking out the passenger side window heading to my hotel, I was amazed at how exotic the trees looked. How the vehicles looked different, how nobody was walking and all the locals were riding on scooters, and how colorful the vibe felt. My camera battery was dead and I wasn’t able to capture the comeliness of the city, so I just took a mental note of everything that I saw. Chiang Mai was most certainly different then Bangkok. A little less fast pace, more laid back, and blossoming with more traditional Thai culture . Best way I can compare the two is Chiang Mai is a good place to live, while Bangkok is a good place just to visit for a short period of time. Why is that you might ask? Well, I will tell you why on my next blog post. – Splash Wave